Why Are We Increasing Our Web Design Prices?

why are we increasing our website design prices

Steve and I have discussed raising our prices for web design projects – we have recently increased our prices for our Monthly Care & Support Plans and thought we really should do the same for our Website Design Solutions. It’s getting to that point where to be profitable and serve you in the best way possible, prices must increase.

We invest in the best WordPress tools we can that help us help you – and that you don’t have to worry about purchasing yourself. 😊 We continue to invest in our own learning to provide the best, and proven, ways to serve you in website maintenance, marketing, design and development.

We also understand that your website is crucial to the success of your business – it’s crucial to ours too! We see you! 😎 You rely on it to establish your brand, attract clients, and generate revenue.

Got it! That’s us, too! We have your back every step of the way.

We Do More Than Design Websites

We are a husband and wife team and provide way more to you than just a website we deliver to you when it’s finished.

As we’ve grown, we’ve attracted clients who don’t just want someone to design them a website, but need (and want) help with making their business a success. We enjoy this very much and want to continue to go that extra mile for you.

We offer additional service packages to you as a client that we don’t offer to just anyone sitting around in a coffee shop! We want you to take advantage of our team of experts… and of course Steve and I! 👍

To maintain the level of service we’re accustomed to providing, this price increase is necessary, so we wanted to communicate to prospective clients the reasoning behind our decision.

We’re confident that our prices remain competitive and provide the best value for the services we offer and as always, we’re focused on the results we provide to you.

While we understand this is an unpopular topic to write about, we have decided to be transparent in our pricing structure so you have a better idea as to why our prices are the way they are

When we recently increased our prices for our monthly plans, we worried a bit that our clients would be upset, and in some cases, leave us to host and maintain their website somewhere else. This was not our experience at all, which was such a relief.

Our clients understood why we were increasing our monthly plans and showed their appreciation for us – we have their back – and we have yours, too.

What’s the investment for your web design project?

Our minimum investment for a standard 5-page website is $4,500.

1 – More than just a website

A website is more than just using a template to create a pretty website. It’s everything – design, user-experience, SEO, copy and content marketing. There is quite a bit that goes into making a successful website and, as we’ve grown and developed our own skills, our design projects have become more involved.

I take time to:

  • Know all the details of your business
  • Understand your goals moving forward
  • Learn who your ideal clients are
  • Create your visual identity

I map out how your users will experience your website and how we can best convert potential clients into leads. I consider everything from your unique value proposition (what makes you YOU) to the wording on call to action buttons and everything in between.

I create a visual identity board for you with colors, fonts and imagery that represent you and your brand in a way that will attract your ideal clients.

I absolutely love what I do – from beginning to end. I thoroughly enjoy making sure you get the best possible website for your business and also be available to guide and support your growth.


Some small business owners prefer teams of people working on their website, but that’s not us. We are not interested in scaling to a larger company with a team. We enjoy our relaxed, ‘mom and pop’ type approach and know that we can provide a first class experience while helping you grow your business for those who are the right fit for us.

We occasionally reach out to our network of experts in various areas depending on the project, but it’s us – a team – creating our dream life.

2 – We invest in growing our skills and knowledge

I mentioned that a website is more than a template with a pretty layout. It’s also more than adding your content and images. Your website is so much more valuable than you realize. The potential of your website is a massive sales nad marketing tool you have available 24/7 – or will have when we are done with your website. 😄

I invest time and money into learning all I can about design strategy, best practices for website design, digital marketing, content creation and email marketing. Even though some of my learning is not directly related to website design, it’s all intertwined – one affecting the other – like a puzzle.

Steve, my husband, is the same, only he is way more technical than me. He’s learning about server management, adjusting settings to make our server run the best it can, technical troubleshooting, latest software updates, security, the latest scams, DNS… oh gosh, the list goes on.

That is his zone of genius and he’s great at keeping things all buttoned up so that you can rest easy knowing your website is in good hands. I know just enough to be dangerous with this stuff so I pretty much keep my hands away from our server! haha

All this takes time – and like I mentioned above, I love it all – we love it all – it’s something that we truly enjoy. And at the same time, it’s our business. It’s what we do. We know we are of service and helping you change not only your life, but the lives of those you help with your business. That warms our hearts and is a win win for the both of us.

Among the many things we have invested in and one of the best moves we’ve made thus far…

We are founding members of Josh Hall’s Web Design Club.

In this club we are connected with many experts who have a wealth of knowledge in all areas of branding, design, strategy and tech. It’s a fabulous group of people from all over the world and we are confident it’s an amazing resource for us – and you.

3 – You want additional support & guidance

We love to work with clients who don’t just want someone to design a website, but want help with making their business a success. As we have grown, those are the clients we are attracting, just like you, and it’s such a joy to be able to be a solid foundation that you can depend on.

We have additional services just for our clients, that include, but are not limited to:

  • An email marketing strategy and implementation
  • Starting a blog and making it work for you
  • Landing/sales pages that convert
  • Brainstorming digital strategy ideas and putting a plan into place
  • SEO strategy and implementation

It’s all very exciting and I am honored to be able to help in many areas of business. Of course I am not an expert in all the areas, but I can surely point you in the right direction if you stump me – although I am difficult to stump! 🤣

Sometimes it’s simply having a heart to heart discussion on where you want to go, how you want to position yourself as a coach, and sharing what I have learned that can make a difference.

We embody a holistic, aligned, spiritual approach to web design, and running our business in general. We don’t just design a website, we help you build a successful online business. We build a relationship with you and absolutely love watching your businesses thrive.

When you sign on the dotted line to work with us, you are family. We don’t take that lightly.
While I craft, create and customize your website, Steve is taking care of business on the backend (i.e. all that techy stuff) of your website so that you can feel comfortable knowing we’ve got your back – coffee in hand!

And you guessed it… all of this takes extra time and it also takes our expert knowledge. Knowledge we’ve spent a lot of time and money to continuously develop.

We are a husband and wife team – Coffee drinkin’, healthy livin’, spiritually chill webpreneurs.

You Hire Us – You Get Us and we are close to each and every client we serve.

~ Lisa & Steve Williams

Steve and Lisa standing together

4 – We invest in the best, most reliable tools (in our humble opinion)

We like to invest in the best software for the websites we create instead of relying only on the free stuff to get us through. While we do use free plugins we are comfortable with, there are a few key tools we have decided to invest in.

The hosting, design and maintenance tools we invest in allow us to provide a first class experience from the moment we begin working together. It also saves you the headache of knowing what to use, paying for licenses, learning how to use the tools as well as keeping them updated.

There are a TON of tools to use and we have chosen the following because of the amount of ‘trying’ we have done with all sorts of tools used for various things. And while every web designer has their favorites, these are the best ones out there in our opinion.

  • Liquid Web dedicated cloud server
  • Divi Theme and Builder
  • Fluent Forms Pro
  • FluentSMTP (email deliverability)
  • Postmark (email deliverability)
  • Fluent Form Signature
  • Imagify (image optimization)
  • SEOPress Pro
  • Ranktracker
  • Divi Toolbox
  • Anti-Spam by CleanTalk
  • MainWP (managing client websites)

This isn’t all we use, but these are a few trusted paid programs we’ve invested in because we understand the value of you having a solid foundation, it being easier for us to do what we need to do, and knowing these are well-researched tools you can count on – simply the best we have found on the market.

Why do we prefer to pay for software rather than get it for free? Well, paid-for software is generally more accurate, more secure, and more trustworthy. It’s worth the investment from us to get it right for you.

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