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We create, host and maintain beautiful WordPress websites that help small purpose-driven service providers achieve their goals.

Simple. Effective. Hassle-Free.

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What's important for you to have in place before you decide to hire a professional web designer? It's not always the right time for you, and that's okay. You want to make sure you're ready for the investment.

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Your website is not a cost, it’s an investment.

We carefully craft, create and customize every site we design with passion and dedication. We’re always here to provide support and guidance, and we take great pride in watching your business thrive!

We take care of everything so our clients can focus on what they do best with ease and confidence.

Having a strong relationship between client and designer is essential for creating a successful web presence, something you can definitely expect from Steve & Lisa at JoLi Design Solutions.


We have your back 100%!

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Save time, energy and money when you:

1 – Establish yourself online with your own domain
2 – Build your business on a solid foundation
3 – Gain trust and increase your impact
4 – Operate your business from one platform

There’s a lot that goes into running a business – you’re always wearing different hats! But one of the most challenging (and frustrating) parts can be designing and maintaining your website.

If you’re like our clients, the thought of putting all those pieces together can be overwhelming can be enough to drive you crazy!

We get it! We’re here to help. We’ll take care of the website design so you can focus on what you do best.

Your WordPress website should be your 24/7 personal assistant doing the heavy lifting of your business for you.

If your website is not helping your business grow, it’s time for a new “employee”. Let’s chat!

Our Web Design Solutions

Our Commitment To you

We are a husband and wife team – Coffee drinkin’, healthy livin’, spiritually chill webpreneurs.

You Hire Us – You Get Us

We are close to each and every client we serve.

We want to help you succeed in your business ventures. We offer great design and strategy, along with hosting, maintenance, and support services.

This way, you can focus on your business with ease and confidence. You are in great hands!

~ Lisa & Steve Williams

At JoLi Design Solutions, we understand that your website is the cornerstone of your digital marketing efforts. We strive to create an engaging, intuitive, and professional website that not only expresses who you are, but also conveys the purpose and values you bring to your clients/customers.

We ensure that your website stands out from the competition and helps attract new clients/customers through a high-quality online presence.

Let’s Work Together On Your Website!

⇒ Release the burden of designing and caring for your website
⇒ Build your following with a website designed to convert visitors to action takers
⇒ Generate momentum in your business and increase your revenue

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