Custom Website Design for Natural Health and Wellness Providers

We are the website solution you’ve been looking for so that you can transform lives with confidence and ease. We design, host and maintain your website so that you can get back to workin’ your magic.

Website design is no walk in the park.

If you’re anything like the clients we serve, the overwhelm of getting all those moving parts of a website to fit together can drive you nuts! Not to mention, after you get the website up, you have to maintain it – just like you would a house after it’s built.

Technology can be a beast!

Let’s put the beast to rest by giving you the website you deserve… one that is strategically designed with a solid structure so that you can:

✔︎ Transform lives with confidence and ease
✔︎ Nurture and deepen relationships off of social media
✔︎ Increase your impact and your income

Three ways we help you in your business…

👉🏼 Understanding Your Business:
Effective web design goes beyond simply learning what you want your website to look like. We strive to get a greater understanding of your business, your goals and your brand message so that you can serve your clients in the best way possible.

👉🏼 Creating a Better User Experience:
Great design & strategy + an aligned brand message helps guide users through your website effortlessly. We craft, create and customize a superior user experience using proven strategies. 🤩

👉🏼 Optimizing for SEO:
Many don’t realize that websites and SEO optimization are dependent on each other. We make sure your health and wellness website has basic SEO structure and on-page optimization so that you can attract the right clients.

Choose Your Web Design Solution

All of our custom design solutions include:
Essential premium plugins
SSL Certificate
Basic On-Page SEO
Domain connection
Google Workspace Setup
On-going support

Decide today to step away from the DIY rabbit-hole and let us take over.


Estimated Completion Time: 2-4 weeks
Up to 5 pages

Get started online with all the basics of an awesome website for your health and wellness business.


Estimated Completion Time: 4-6 weeks
Up to 15 pages

Our most popular solution that gives you the best website features and functionality for your investment.


Estimated Completion Time: 6-8 weeks
16+ pages

Make your business shine online with our most comprehensive solution that includes advance functionality.

Branding Package Add-On

Introductory Investment is $499

Logo Design
Color Palette
Social Media Templates

Your website is an investment… not a cost

We don’t take that lightly and want you to know that we intuitively craft, create and customize every site we design with heart and soul. We continue to provide support and guidance and LOVE watching your health and wellness business thrive!


Experience First Class Care And Support!
We’d love to chat and see if you are a good fit for our family.

What Clients Are Saying

Toni Macri-Reiner

“It was fun having someone else’s feedback on my ideas. Someone who knows web design! I also appreciated that you had knowledge of my field. That felt like it added to the process. I was really excited by the layout & graphics that you used. Trusting you made it all easier. Also knowing it was a work in progress & anything could be changed or modified in the future was helpful.“

Toni Macri-Reiner
Lee Anne Speelman

“I appreciated Lisa’s knowledge and the way she helped guide me every step of the way. Working with Lisa has been a wonderful experience. Your gentle nudges were appropriate and appreciated. I’m looking forward to see where we go from here.”

Lee Anne Speelman
Leanna Troesh

“You took our vision, ran with it, and created something beyond my expectation.  You poured your heart into your work and it is visible.  Your energy to complete the site and get it to launch has been exceptional.  It has been a true pleasure working along side you in creating our dream. Thank you.”

Leanna Troesh

Let’s get started on your design project!

We are ready to help you!

We’ll work together to give you a crisp, simple, polished website that generates momentum in your health and wellness business so that you can do what you do best… transform lives!

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