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We are a husband and wife, coffee drinkin’, travel lovin’, spiritually chill webpreneurs.

JoLi Design Solutions has a special meaning behind our name.

In January, 2019 my mom passed away suddenly due to complications from stage 4 lung cancer she was diagnosed with only a short month before. I was kicked in the gut and wondered how I was going to regain my composure and live my life.

A year or so prior to her departure, my mom and I had a plan that we were going to sell her handmade crafts and needlepoints on Etsy and I was even going to take a shot at getting a little crafty myself.

My mom wanted to combine both our names for the shop and we came up with JoLi Creations. JoAnn is my mom’s name and then of course, Lisa. How cute, right! The shop never materialized, but the name surfaced again with JoLi Design Solutions.

I was meant to run a business serving and helping others in my own unique way and being witness to my mom leaving her physical body on the morning of January 16, 2019 at 6:16am was the breaking point of everything.

I stopped. I listened. I grieved. I hoped. I cried. I forgave. I surrendered.


Here we are today, after several iterations of JoLi Design Solutions and my husband Steve has joined me on this journey. Together we design, host and maintain your website a well as provide additional services to aid in your business growth.

We are committed to serving our clients in any way we can and living life with gratitude, peace and freedom.

Effective web design goes beyond simply learning what you want your website to look like. We strive to get a greater understanding of your business, your goals and your brand message so that you can serve your audience in the best way possible.

“Our desire to remain on the smaller, ‘mom and pop’ side of things keeps us close to each and every client we serve.

Experience First Class Care And Support!

We help you generate momentum in your wellness coaching or consulting business. Great design & strategy + an aligned brand message helps guide users through your website effortlessly, increasing conversions and your impact. We craft, create and customize a superior user experience using proven strategies, coding knowledge & skills and our team of experts.

With our love for visual creativity and intuitive design, you are in great hands!”

~ Lisa & Steve

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