About JoLi Design Solutions

We intuitively craft, create and customize every site we design with heart and soul. We continue to provide support and guidance and LOVE watching your business/organization thrive!

We have a special meaning behind our name.

In January, 2019 Lisa’s mom passed away suddenly due to complications from lung cancer. A few years prior, Lisa and her mom had started an Etsy shop that never took off. They were going to sell mom’s handmade crafts, needlepoints and more and Lisa was even going to take shot at getting a little crafty herself.

Lisa’s mom wanted to combine both their names for the shop and they came up with JoLi Creations. JoAnn is Lisa’s mom’s name and then of course, Lisa. How cute, right!

When JoAnn made her transition on that cold (bitter cold!) January morning in Flint, Michigan, Lisa began to have a different perspective on life. She came to the realization that there were changes she needed to make and now was the time. At 48 years old, Lisa had been through losing her infant son in 2003, her grandma in 2007, her dad in 2014 and now her mom. It was time to live HER life exactly the way she wanted to.

In April, 2019, Lisa started a web design and email marketing business and named it JoLi Design Solutions. The business has grown in many ways and although there are other services we offer such as hosting and maintenance, the foundation remains custom website design.

Why Us?

As a former teacher and a (slightly neurotic) technology enthusiast, Lisa has a deep passion for supporting business owners and animal rescue organizations struggling with all the moving parts of getting a well-designed and strategic website up and running.

Swimming in the “website waters” can be treacherous if you aren’t sure where to swim. It’s deep! Often times you probably find yourself in a thick circle of seaweed and you just want OUT!

Here at JoLi Design Solutions, Lisa and her husband Steve have your back when it comes to your website.

“Our desire to stay on the smaller, “mom and pop” side of things keeps us close to each and every client we serve. We design and maintain awesome custom websites with strategy and precision that generates momentum for your business or non-profit organization. Using proven design strategies, coding knowledge & skills and our love for visual creativity, you are in great hands!

Spirituality, love and compassion are at the core of our business and our lives.”

~ Lisa Williams

Let’s focus on getting you the website you deserve!

Go ahead – contact us – and start today!

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