5 Strategic Pages For Your Beachbody Coach Website

5 strategic pages to put on your beachbody coach website

Your Beachbody Coaching website is the storefront of your coaching business and needs to represent you, but it also needs to show your potential Team Beachbody Coach that they are in the right place.

Below you will find a short walkthrough of the pages you want to have on your Beachbody Coaching website. Using these pages will help make sure your ideal Beachbody coach who is ready to join your team knows that you are the right person to help them get results and lead them to grow their own team/business.

Still trying to decide if you need a website, check out this article.

What are these 5 strategic pages I need on my Beachbody Coach website?

1 – Home Page

Your homepage is the preview of your Beachbody Coach website. It’s the face of your coaching business – of you. It’s typically not the most landed on (point of entry to your website) but it is so necessary to make it shine!

This is the place where people come to find out more about you and your Beachbody team, so it needs to be a good representation of both.

The content on your homepage should be captivating enough to capture the attention of your visitors within seconds. This means that you need a well-designed, fast loading and professional homepage – one that makes people spill their coffee because it’s so awesome

Do you know that you need to capture attention within 3-5 seconds to convince people stay on your website? Seconds can vary depending on who you talk to, but think about when you land on a website – especially one in the health and wellness industry – how long does it take you to say to yourself, “hey, this is what I am looking for”… or “nope, I’m outta here”… not long, right?

Your home page should contain:

  • A clear headline stating who you help and how you help them.
  • A call to action directing your potential coaches on what to do when they land on your home page. The best call to action usually leads to an opt in of some type.
  • A picture of you. Your (potential) Team Beachbody coaches want to know who they are are going to be teaming up with.

2 – About

This page is where your potential coaches will often decide if they want to work with you. But it’s not really about you. It’s about how you can help them, how you can solve their problems. And… it’s the second most visited page on website. For real! Ya gotta make it gooood!

You do include your story, but in a way that clients will find it relatable. They should see themselves in your story. Making your website about you is one of the common mistakes that Beachbody coaches make. Click the image below to download a guide to the 12 most common website mistakes.

3 – Contact

This is where your your potential Beachbody coaches might come to get in touch with you. Make it easy for them to send you a simple email. Unfortunately (something you have to be mindful of) I’ve also found it is more likely that scammers will use the form to try to sell you their services.

We have tools in place here at JoLi Design Solutions that keep scammers (i.e. bots) from doing this and we keep your emails out of the spam folder! You can also include links to your social media accounts so clients can reach out to you that way.

woman smiling - your-about-page

4 – Beachbody Coaching Opportunity (i.e. Services)

Use this page to highlight your coaching services, including your coaching opportunity. These can change depending on what you are offering at the time, for example, a Virtual Boot Camp you are going to run. You may even offer something different than your Beachbody Coaching opportunity and that is cool too! You are more than a Beachbody coach, so why not?

Three different offerings is a good idea. These could include:

  • a low end or free offer
  • A group program (i.e your Virtual Gym offer)
  • 1:1 of something else you offer

For the first two you should provide a brief description of the offer and a link to the sales page or landing page. For one on one coaching you are likely to want to include a link to book a call.

5 – Content

Many Beachbody coaches overlook the importance of having great content as part of a website. But writing a blog, doing a podcast and having episodes on your website (like we did here on this website) or even having videos on your website might actually be where most of the traffic comes from. When you add in an SEO strategy tings can really heat up!

This is your chance to show your authority for what you do and for potential Beachbody coaches to get to know you and what you stand for. Throwing in your personality, uniqueness and vulnerability. You can also use this as another opportunity to link to your opt in to get more people on your email list.

Okay, two more pages, but these really are a must for your website, so while they aren’t strategic, they are legally necessary.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy policy is now an important page on your website. To remain GDPR compliant you need to have one and link to it anytime you request information like an email address from someone. This is a non-negotiable. You need a privacy policy on your website.

Terms and Conditions

Your terms and conditions page is another legal page that you should have. This is where you can put disclaimers and refund policies. You can also use templates to generate your terms and conditions, but I advise against this because, as with the privacy policy too, you have to keep it updated and compliant with the laws.

We partner with a company called Termageddon. Both policies are kept updated automatically to reflect the most recent laws. You never have to worry that your polices are invalid. Check them out and get your own policies.

Final Thoughts

Your Beachbody coach website is where you will attract like-minded people that will come to find out how you can help them. Make sure it is easy to navigate your site and decide that you are the right person to help them on their health and wellness journey.

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