Client Strategy Calls to Boost Recurring Revenue

Lisa Williams on the Josh Hall Web Design Podcast

If you’re searching for a way to increase your revenue without the need for new clients, let me introduce a brilliant strategy that has been working wonders for our business – and our clients.

It’s called “Quarterly Strategy Calls.”

Here’s the idea: every quarter, you set aside a brief period to offer free strategy calls to your existing clients, particularly those on your monthly support plans.

These discussions are open-ended and agenda-free, creating a relaxed, low-pressure opportunity to connect with your clients. By strengthening these relationships, you’ll often find yourself with additional new projects.

Naturally, you might have questions, such as:

  • How many appointments should I schedule each quarter?
  • Should this be a free or paid perk?
  • How should I present this to my current clients?
  • What tools should I use to schedule and conduct the calls?
  • What if I’m unsure what to discuss during these calls?

If you’re asking these questions, you’re in luck. I’m Lisa Williams and I’ve been leading the charge on this innovative strategy in a web design community I am a member of – Web Design Pro with the main man, Josh Hall.

To date, I’ve conducted six rounds of strategy calls with my hosting/maintenance plan clients, which has resulted in an additional $25,000+ revenue boost. I’ve honed this strategy into a well-oiled, revenue-enhancing machine, and I’m excited to share my methods so you can achieve the same results!

We’ll explore all the above questions and more, but if you’re eager for further information, I recently conducted a comprehensive guest expert training session with visuals, templates, and more within Web Designer Pro.

As a founding member, I’ve seen this concept evolve from a simple idea to a robust revenue-generating strategy in just 18 months. I look forward to hearing how it benefits you!

Steve & Lisa Williams

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