WordPress Care & Support Plans

Have the peace of mind that your website is secure, reliable and cared for.

What is a WordPress Care & Support Plan?

Keeping your website updated, secure and relevant is something that has to be done on a consistent basis to keep your website healthy, well maintained and secure.

We are committed to your success and do everything we can do ensure your website is performing like a well-oiled machine. Technology and strategies continue to evolve and it’s a full-time job to keep abreast of all the trends and developments.

We’re here to take care of it all for you so you can go forth in growing your business and doing what you do best.

You “could” be spending time doing these website maintenance tasks yourself or focus on growing your business and building relationships with your leads and customers instead.

BOTTOM LINE: How much is YOUR time worth?

What our clients are saying…

How does your investment in our WordPress Care & Support Plan make an impact on you/your lifestyle & your business?

It gives me the freedom to focus on other areas of my business knowing my site is cared for. I can count on you and that means a lot.

It’s one less thing to worry about.
I know that my site is protected & easily updated, which is important to me.

It allows me to focus on what I do and relieves the stress of updated my website. I’m able to grow my business knowing my website is stable.

Our Plans Offer You Peace Of Mind

Your website is up always up to date, regularly monitored and as secure as we can possibly make it. You don’t have to worry about anything when it comes to the care and maintenance of your website.

We’ve got your back.

Your website is crucial to the success of your business. You rely on it to establish your brand, attract customers, and generate revenue. With our care plans, you will have full confidence that it’s online and operating as it should 24/7, without interruption.

Your website is crucial for the success of your business.

It’s the foundation that everything else is built from, just like the foundation of your house. It generates leads, clients, and revenue.

It’s how clients find and connect with you.But, just like any software, websites require attention, maintenance, and support to keep them working properly.

Keeping a website well maintained and attractive is important to your business. We are committed to ensuring you don’t have to be concerned about the health of your website.

It might sound like a good idea to cut corners and let a few tasks slide, but in the long run you’re playing with fire. We’ve seen quite a few websites that are a legit hot mess just because the lack of care.

Like your health can fall apart if you go too long without a regular check up, so can the health of your website.

Why is WordPress Management Important?

  • 39% of the entire internet is built on the WordPress platform. 39% 39%

This is not only great for knowledge and pre-built functionality, but also for hackers and those looking to exploit websites.

661 New WordPress Websites a Day

On average, 661 new WordPress sites are launched every day. Most of them will not be properly maintained and secured. Don’t let your site and investment become a statistic.

  • 77% of WordPress websites are vulnerable 77% 77%

These websites are running on some old version of WordPress, a theme, or a plugin. This causes a major security risk that requires proper support.

Security and Protection are the Backbone of Our Plans

Our hosting company has top-notch security and your website is extra secure due to being on your own dedicated cloud server. More than 50,000 websites get hacked each day and 43% of cybercrimes are against small businesses. 90% of all websites that are hacked are WordPress. We’ve invested in the proper firewalls and other security precautions to make sure your website is secure. And we have a protocol in place if malware threatens your site.

Sit Back and Sip Your Coffee

Conducting routine maintenance and backups on a website takes time. More importantly, you need to know what you’re doing or you risk making costly mistakes.

We handle all upkeep, so you can do what you do best.

Your Monthly WordPress Care & Support Plan

There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to running your business. Stressing about your hosting and keeping your website up to date shouldn’t be one of them. We are here to take the burden off of your shoulders so you can concentrate on growing and generating momentum.

Included with ALL our plans:

$800+ Premium Licenses including:

Premium Theme
Email Deliverability Guarantee
Search Engine Optimization
Website Security
... and more for as long as you are on a care & support plan with us.

We’ve got you covered!

Hosting Is On Our Server

Your website is on our dedicated server, which means it is secure, fast and reliable. You are not tied to a bunch of unknown websites that could be dealing with malware, performance issues, and more.

Daily Backups

Your website is backed up every day to a separate cloud server. In the unlikely event of a catastrophic failure, your website can be restored within hours, sometimes minutes.

WordPress Security

We constantly monitor your site for hackers and malware. In the unlikely event you do get hacked, we’ll do our very best to fix it for you. WordPress Core updates are stable and secure.

We Are Your Partner

We care about your website as if it is was our own. We are a phone call, text or email away should you need anything – nearly 24/7. Sleeping is important! 😁

Uptime Monitor

We are alerted immediately if your website is offline and act as quickly as possible to get it back online for you. This is an unlikely event, but know that we are on it!

Your Website Is Fast

Your website is on a lightening fast server with the best premium plugins which greatly increases your website’s speed and performance. This means visitors are more likely to stick around on your site.

Theme & Plugin Updates

We take updating your website very seriously. We do weekly updates of your WordPress them and all plugins and make sure everything is running smoothly so that your website remains secure and fast.

Free SSL Certificate

All of our websites come with a free SSL certificate so that your visitors know you’re secure and it’s safe for them to browse and take action on your website.

What our clients are saying…

How can JoLi Design Solutions best support you so that you can grow your business with ease and flow?

I want to make business decisions that are informed. Having a better handle on who visits the site, when they visit it, what sections do they use most often, etc. can be very beneficial.

I’d like to focus on marketing to reach more prospective students and grow not only my website by my course platform. I really love working with MemberVault.

Writing more blogs, setting up email sequences with free offers and keeping in touch with my subscribers, and adding content to my website.

Choose Your WordPress Care & Support Plan

No contracts. Pay by the month or quarter.
lady at desk on computer smiling

Latte Plan

  • Premium hosting on our own server
  • Daily scans for viruses
  • Emergency website troubleshooting
  • Free SSL (https:)
  • Weekly routine web maintenance
  • Regular WordPress Core updates
  • Regular Theme updates
  • Regular plugin updates
  • Spam protection
  • Email deliverability (stay out of spam)
  • Access to multiple premium plugins
  • Premium security protection
  • Daily backup of your website
  • Daily malware scan & removal
  • Access to our best web design experts
  • 1 hour of website content updates and email/video support per month

Cappuccino Plan


Latte Plan +

  • 1 hour of email/video support
  • Website content monitoring & minor tweaks each month to improve design, conversions and functionality
  • 1 hour of website content updates per month

Espresso Plan


Latte Plan +

  • Unlimited email/video support
  • Website content monitoring & minor tweaks each month to improve design, conversions and functionality
  • Priority website updates
  • Monthly performance report
  • 1 hour Monthly Strategy Call
  • Up to 5 hours per month for website design, integrations & digital strategy is dedicated to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about our Care & Support Plans

Are there cancellation fees?

No! Our Care & Support Plan is a no contract, no long-term committment guarantee. We kindly ask that you provide a 30-day notice, but if for any reason you need, or want, to move your website to another provider, you have complete freedom to do so.

What is included in my monthly update time?

Cappuccino & Latte Plans

The website content time includes simple updates and additions to your website, such as:

  • Text changes or additions
  • Image changes
  • Updating or adding new forms
  • Scheduling/Publishing blog posts
  • Adding/changing a service (not an entire page)
  • Minor updates and/or additions that fit within the allotted time

What if I need something done that isn't included in my plan?

While we do our best to get updates done within your alotted time, if more time is required, we will let you know that this will be an extended project and what your investment will be before getting started.

Examples of Extended Projects are as follows:

  • Landing/Sales Pages
  • Graphics for social media and/or other platforms
  • Course/Program Setup and preparing for launch
  • Redesign of an existing page (or pages) on your website
  • Restructure of your website in any way
  • Adding functionality to your website
  • Email sequences and funnels
  • New platform setup (ex: scheduler, email marketing)

Extended projects will be quoted as one project price or with our discounted hourly rate.

Can I buy an additional hour or two when needed?

Absolutely! Our current hourly rate for our WordPress Care & Support clients is $111/hr (regular $150/hr) billed in 30-minute increments.

Do you offer a discount for additional websites?

Absolutely! If you choose to have us host and maintain additional sites under your account, you’ll get a 30% discount for every site you add which will be active for as long as you stay with us.

Does my monthly update time roll over?

Unfortunately, no. If you don’t use your update time, you start fresh again the next month.

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