A Step By Step Process To Creating An Email Marketing Funnel For Your Beachbody Coaching Business

Creating An Email Marketing Funnel For Your Spiritual Coaching Business

One of the most important steps you can take in your Beachbody coaching business is to create an email marketing (sales) funnel on your website. Say you have the main pages on your website – home, about, services, contact – the other, very important and often overlooked page you need to include, is an offer page.

This page is often referred to as a sales page or landing page, but for the sake of simplicity, let’s keep it as an offer page. You decide what the offer is going to be. Of course, you can have (and should have at some point) multiple offer pages, but let’s get this one solid and churning along..

This is the beginning of the journey going from visitor to joining your Beachbody team.

What is the one service/offer you would like to promote on your website? This can be an ebook, a lower priced service, a webinar, etc. Most importantly, it’s one page focused on one offer.

Right now you’re doing ‘all the things’ in ‘all the places’ and have no way of bringing people into your orbit through your website and an email marketing strategy. Maybe you’re only on social media or perhaps you have a website that is not working so hot for you at the moment.

You can’t do any of the work, at the level that you want, if prospective customers and team members can’t find you and have a way to get into your orbit.

Successfully marketing yourself is key to building a thriving Beachbody coaching business. Part of your marketing strategy should be creating an email marketing strategy.

Let’s get into this!

How To Create An Email Marketing Funnel For Your Beachbody Coaching Business

Email marketing is truly the most reliable and effective way to reach potential clients for your high ticket coaching offers. For real. I’ve seen this as the truth over and over. How many email lists are you on? A lot, right? Yeah, me too! Note to self: I’ve really got to clean up my subscriptions! ?

What about social media?

Social media is great, but you don’t own anything on those platforms – your content, followers, messages – zilch, zero – so it is urgent you have a more reliable way of marketing your coaching business.

And, goodness, when you think of all the changes that have happened – and are going to happen – it’s a bit much. Use social media as a tool, but always, always drive traffic to your website.

Plus, when you share something on social media, it is there for eh, at best a day or two, but in reality, not many people see your post and after a day or so (sometimes a few hours) your content goes into the black hole of social media. You’re constantly having to say the same things, post the same content and all the time wondering if you’re reaching anyone.

An email marketing strategy is your greatest return on investment – of both time and money.

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A funnel is basically a prospective customer’s journey from awareness to working with you. Sometimes this happens quickly, but often it’s a slower process. This is why nurturing those who have opted into your free offer (i.e. the beginning of your funnel) is so important.

Your welcome sequence is created to help establish an actual relationship from the very beginning.

People work with Beachbody coaches they know, like and trust. Your visitors need to feel welcomed, comfortable, and value your guidance and expertise.

This starts as soon as someone lands on your website. Your content, design, images, speed, flow… all are the basis for an effective email marketing funnel and overall strategy.

1 – Create a valuable free offer that aligns with your mission as a Beachbody coach

Offer something of value that your target audience (i.e your niche) is already interested in. If you’re not sure, think about the questions you get from people or what others ask about in groups/communities you are a part of.

List out all the ways you serve and help and the problems people have come to you with thus far. If you haven’t worked with any clients, or very few, think about what questions you had along your journey and the problems you were trying to solve.

Make sure when you create your offer you’re including another way to engage with you. Perhaps you offer a free call, digital product, a more in-depth offer like joining your next challenge group. All can be a next logical step.

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2 – Create your opt-in form on the offer page

Next, let’s provide an easy way for visitors to get your offer. They’re warmed up and ready to receive value from you. This form is embedded onto the page and also includes content explaining a few benefits this offer will have for your prospective ideal client.

This page can include a lot of information or a bit, as long as you are ‘convincing’ enough and are speaking to your ideal client in a way that they will be emotionally driven to give you their email address.

Remember to have ONE clear call to action – which is your form or a button leading to the form popping up. That’s it. Too often I’ll see the main offer but I’ll also see the main navigation, another offer in a sidebar, something in the footer, etc. Nothing else should be on the page except for the action to get this one offer.

If you’re doing this on your website (which I highly recommend), this page will be ‘blank’ – no header or footer – and of course, nothing else but the form/button to opt in.

We use FluentForms Pro (affiliate link) on all our clients’ websites as well as our own. So super simple to set up and they integrate with multiple email marketing platforms.

We use FluentCRM (affiliate link) on our website for email marketing and a few clients use this as well. We also have clients who use Mailerlite and ConvertKit. We love FluentCRM for its integration with FluentForms (same company) and for the fact that it’s right there on our website.

Automation, sequences, tags, lists, segmentation, it’s all there with one yearly subscription and no limits on subscribers.

3 – Write your Welcome Sequence

ALERT: Keep this fun, friendly and fabulous. In other words, you don’t have to, nor is it best practice, to ask for the sale and be pushy right out of the gate.

In fact, please don’t be pushy – ever. It’s such a turn off and there is no need for it.

Take a moment to think about inviting someone over to your house because you want to be friends. People are opting into your free offer and you want to welcome them in. Remember, your website is essentially your home, so you always want to be inviting. Your subscribers (i.e. your tribe) are an extension of your home.

Think about how you could introduce yourself, and how you could get to know them, how they could get to know you. You would want to learn about them and share how you might be able to help.

You’re not building a list. These are real people looking for real solutions to their problems. Nurture, be fun, be helpful, provide value… then, since you are running a coaching business, you want to ask for the sale in this process too.

Pro Tip:
You can include a subtle message at the bottom of your email – either in the footer or in the form of a P.S. under your signature – about how to join, register, or get more engaged. This isn’t pressure to sign up, it is just another way of gaining interest with free information that people can come back to later when they are ready to commit.

By the time you are ready to sell your offer(s), these people are ready to buy. Usually… again, not everyone will buy the first go around. You continue to nurture, pitch, share stories, pitch, provide value, pitch– all while you continue to build your list.

This is a work in progress for me but I’ve been around long enough to see what works, learn from a few pros and help support our clients in their email marketing strategy. It can be challenging to ‘crack the code’ on email marketing, but I am committed to helping our clients and sharing on the blog why this is such an effective strategy and how to implement it.

4 – Be consistent

Do you ever get that email from someone selling you something and you wonder how you ever got on their list? Yeah, me too! Just happened recently. I unsubscribed right away. You definitely want to be consistent with emails you send. It’s not necessarily the frequency, it’s the consistency.

Are you asking: Where do I find the time to write emails constantly? Totally get it. I struggle with that too, but I am becoming more and more accustomed to repurposing content and keeping a list of stories, books I’ve read (and am currently reading), podcasts I listen to, tips I learn from the web design club we are a member of… all kinds of places I can get ideas from. And of course, my own knowledge and experience.

You can do the same. Meditation has helped me a great deal with this. Quieting my mind, knowing how and who we want to serve, and just keeping things simple – you got this!!

Be consistent!

Final Thoughts

Start small and simple. Brainstorm ideas of what you can create that provides your niche with valuable information and can solve a problem for them. This is a quick win, not a long drawn out process.

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