Do I need a website if I am using social media?

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Your website is the hub of your online presence.

Your social media is a marketing tool… a marketing platform to drive traffic back to your website. Use that traffic to grow your email and customer lists so you can communicate with them any time on your own terms.

Why risk the growth of your online business?

Are you solely using social media to build a clientele, market yourself, make an impact? Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter… all the things, right?

Your growth is ultimately at the mercy of those platforms. They can make changes any time and all that you can do is go with the new flow, even if it impacts your business.

If that platform gets acquired and changed or shut down, you may no longer be able to reach your customers and you may even lose money in the process.

Some might say “Facebook will never shut down”, or “Instagram will always be around“. Who knows, right?

Why take the risk?

Take control of your business and build a home that you own and can decorate however you want.

When you’re gaining some traction on a particular platform you want to be sending your followers back to your owned internet real estate where you can capture their email addresses.

No matter how many followers you have on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you still need a dedicated platform where you can send traffic from social media to – a place that is your online home.

Think of it like buying vs renting a home. You are renting space on social media platforms. They can make changes any time and however this affects your business, it doesn’t matter… you are shit out of luck.

4 big reasons you need a website

1 – Your website is the one place your audience can connect with you regardless of what’s going on with social media.

It’s also the only space where you can position yourself as an expert in your industry without continually competing for your audience’s attention. When you connect with your audience on social media, you can send them back to your website and give them a reason to sign-up for your email list so you can connect with them anytime you want.

2 – Your website gives you a dedicated space to tell your story without fear of algorithm changes.

Most of the top social platforms change their algorithms on the regular. There is nothing you can do about this and you are at their mercy. Why risk the value you are sharing on your social media being missed by a large percentage of your network? The more you can use social media as a client/relationship lead generation tool, the better.

3 – With a WordPress website, you own everything.

This is in contrast to DIY platforms like Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, etc. You do not own anything when you use these platforms. And although they will tell you and other people will tell you that you are okay and things are not going to happen to your content, images, etc…

… the bottom line is you are renting space and “your landlord” can pull the plug and make changes at any time.

4 – Your website is your home where you make the rules.

You decorate it how you want, you speak your truth, connect with your ideal clients and use the best “home security” features to make sure all is well. This means your hosting is top-notch. With these DIY platforms, you get what you get and you are sharing the same space with 100s, if not 1000s of other websites. You are more less at the mercy of your “neighbors.

moral of the story is… if you’re only building an audience on social media or a DIY website that is owned by someone else, it’s time to change ASAP. You are leaving money on the table by not having a website you own and operate.

Wondering where to start with your website?

What platform do I use, where do I host, I struggle with being creative, I have no idea what to write… all the things got your brain going a mile a minute?

Get in touch and we can set up a consulting session!

Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams

Wordpress Design Strategist

Custom Website Design for Wellness Coaches & Consultants

We are the solution you’ve been looking for so that you can transform lives with confidence and ease. We design, host and maintain your website so that you can get back to workin’ your magic.

Your website is an investment… not a cost. We don’t take that lightly and want you to know that we intuitively craft, create and customize every site we design with heart and soul. We continue to provide support and guidance and LOVE watching your business thrive!

We’ll work together to give you a crisp, simple, polished website that generates momentum in your health and wellness business so that you can do what you do best… transform lives!


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