Behind The Scenes Of Running Our Husband & Wife Web Design Business

Running a Husband-and-Wife Web Design Business with Lisa Williams

Owning & Operating a Husband & Wife Web Design Business

Have you ever considered bringing your spouse into your business?

There are a lot of things to consider and I am spilling the beans…

I was recently interviewed by Josh Hall of the Josh Hall Web Design Business Podcast and we talked all things about how Steve and I have navigated our way through building our web design business over the last year or so.

I have been a member of Josh’s Web Design Club for over a year now – a founding member – and the people I have met have been extremely valuable to me learning and growing both personally and professionally. Josh has brought together a network of people from all over the world to share, converse and grow their web design business in whatever way works for them. It’s been quite the experience for sure!

Some of the people I have, chatted with, collaborated with and have absorbed words of wisdom from are:

Jacob Neher
Adela May
Alexis Myers
Lisa Breedt
April Ray
Michelle Bourbonniere

Of course there are several people I’ve had the pleasure of learning from and having morning coffee chats with during our weekly member calls. It’s been a beautiful experience to be a part of this network of design entrepreneurs – we’re all doing our thing and supporting each other in the process.

On to the Podcast!

I share my top lessons learned and experiences with how we run our web design business as spouses and business partners.

Josh had loads of questions on how we run our business working from home and how we turn it off going from “spouse to business partner mode”, which can be a challenge, but I share how we are able to turn off business and be husband and wife. It was a lot of fun to share our story so far – plus, I am a talker so this was a perfect opportunity for me.

Get the full transcript, watch on YouTube or listen with your favorite podcast app.

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