7 Steps To Turn Website Traffic Into Sales

I bet you are reading this because you are ready to turn your traffic into sales! Hell yeah!! That’s why you’re in business, right?

But, hold the train for a second… This sale does not happen as soon as someone lands on your website. Well, it can – anything is possible – but it is rare.

Are you operating a small service-based business?

Are you looking for ways to bring in passive income and put some business on repeat?

Do you want a resource and action plan that will show you how to create a simple client journey starting with your website?

In other words – do you want to turn your traffic into sales?

Creating a personalized client experience for your business is the best way to ensure success. With careful planning, you can develop and maintain a meaningful connection with those who seek out your services.

And the beauty is that this works behind the scenes on your website… and of course includes your email marketing platform.

This all leads to turning your traffic into sales!

What is a Client Journey?

A client journey is a simple process that you put in place to turn your prospects into customers. It’s really that simple.

Someone does not land on your website and click a “buy now” button and poof, they are your client! It just doesn’t happen that way.

In the client journey there are several stages that you are taking your prospective clients through before they become your client.

The basic gist is that you are taking someone from a complete stranger and hopefully turning them into someone who knows, likes and trusts you, and then they decide to click the “buy now”, or at the very least, getting in touch with you somehow.

Here’s the sweetness of a client journey…

With the right mix of tools in place, you can completely automate the entire thing.

So, let’s get into it!!

Step #1 – Create an irresistible offer for your prospective client

The success of your client journey begins with creating something for free that your visitors (your dreamy clients) cannot do without.

This will be your lead magnet. Your visitor obtains something they need and desperately wants and you, my friend, now have brought them into your client journey.

You want to make sure the offer inspires people to take action – gives them a quick win.

  • A compelling title that gets people excited
  • A great subtitle
  • Appealing visual design
  • Content speaking directly to your audience

Step #2 – Create a high converting landing page to capture email addresses with

You can do this right on your website. I use WordPress and create a blank page.

Yes, there are other platforms that you can use and yes, they are geared specifically to give you an amazing landing page. They are attractive, I get it.

However, they all are going to give you another monthly service that you are paying for. Who wants yet another subscription?! There is really no need for that if you are designing your landing page with best practices in mind and ensuring key elements are on the page.

Content is key here. It’s crucial you have compelling content that is speaking to your soul audience – those looking for spiritual guidance that you can provide.

Step #3 – Make your offer shine on your landing page

The first thing to remember is that this landing page is created to give the visitors ONE thing to do – get your free offer. This is the reason it is a blank page with no header or footer that allows visitors to go down the rabbit hole of your website. You don’t want them to be distracted.

Give them one choice – get this free offer.

I suggest making things a little larger on this page – images, text and of course the name/email form that gives them access to the free offer. This form will come from your email marketing platform.

We use Fluent Forms Pro and have fallen in love with the fact that it sits inside our website and we are able to connect our SMTP platform to it so that our emails avoid spam! Hallelujah !! Plus, there is no limit on subscribers. One yearly subscription cost is all ya got.

Several of our clients use Mailerlite (and we used to).

Step #4 – Create a thank you page

Provide clear direction on what to do next. You can share a low investment offer – usually in the $7-$37 price range that you encourage your visitors (now subscribers and in your customer journey – hooray!!) to buy.

There really is no right or wrong way to go about it but it is nice when you can make available that “low hanging fruit” that provides value.

Step #5 – It’s time to pay!

You have to set up a way to pay you and while there are, just like landing pages, a whole lotta platforms that are specific to taking payments, you don’t have to use them – especially if you are doing this on a budget. 

We use Fluent Forms Pro with Stripe connected that works perfectly for this scenario. You’ll want to make sure this form is connected your email marketing platform.

Step #6 – Create your email automation sequence

This is, in my opinion, theeeee most important because if you are not following up with the lovely person who just began their client journey with you… who just got their free offer AND quite possibly purchased your low cost product/service, you will lose them for sure.

Step #7 – Test the process

You have to test that this all works the way it is supposed to. The worst thing you can do is to put it out there and then find out there are snags in the process.

I’ve even set prices at $1 to test it out. Open up a different browser window that what you are working in. This could be a completely different one or an incognito window in Google Chrome. Or, have a friend go through it. You can leave the price as is, or change it for them, too.

You don’t want people to get caught up and get a “404 error” when trying to get what they want. This is bad for business!

Overview of Turning Website Traffic Into Sales

  1. Create an irresistible offer
  2. Create a high converting landing page
  3. Make your offer POP on your landing page
  4. Create a thank you page
  5. It’s time to pay!
  6. Create your email automation sequence
  7. Test your funnel

I sure hope this has been helpful for you! I understand just getting a domain name and starting a website can be overwhelming. And then you add all the other pieces like a customer journey with multiple steps on top of that.. holy cow it can get to be too much.

I’ve always had this special love and interest in technology and it comes pretty easy to me, but at the same time, I know that is not the case for a lot of entrepreneurs.

Have a super great day!!

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