3 Big Reasons To Have Your Own Beachbody Website

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Are you wondering why is it better to create your own Beachbody website?

The answer is pretty simple.

You want to build a coaching business that allows you the freedom to be in control of your online presence.

You want to own your content and have it last forever.

You want to establish yourself as the one Beachbody coach your visitors (i.e. prospective clients or customers) desires to say ‘yes’ to.

The way you do this is by having your own Beachbody Coach website.

  • Truth #1: Social media content doesn’t last forever and the percentage of people seeing everything you share is very low.
  • Truth #2: When your content is on other platforms, you are allowing someone else to control what you own.
  • Truth #3: When you are trying to manage too many platforms, your brain is overloaded, you become overwhelmed and you exhaust yourself.

There is no reason to subject yourself to this kind of torture. I know, it’s not really torture, however, you have to admit that with all you have going on in your business, wouldn’t simplifying be easier on you?

3 Big Reasons To Have Your Own Beachbody Website

Relying on other platforms will never give you the opportunity to serve your clients, grow your business and carve out an online presence you are proud of.

Your own brand and your own website will always bring you more clients, more leads & more freedom!

1 – Your Own Website vs. Social Media

Social media is great to have in place, but it is not your platform! You are competing in an over-saturated place and worst of all – you are only renting space on your social media. Your own website gives you the freedom to be you.

The freedom to establish a name for yourself, a brand people remember and do it all without the daily gamble of something happening to your social media accounts is one of the biggest pros to having your own Beachbody website

It allows you to really showcase your offerings, your personality, your values & your testimonials in one place.

You want to build a business that will serve you for years. You want to see it grow & scale and flourish.

No social media platform can help you do that the way a website can.

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2 – Your Own Website vs. Course or Membership Platform.

These types of platforms take a percentage of your enrollments and you most likely are paying a significant amount per month/year for the number of courses you have, number of students, etc.

Thinkific, Kajabi, Teachery, Podia, etc… they are all cut from the same cloth. I’m not knocking them, but the cons far outweigh the pros when it comes to building a business.

With your own website, you can sell your services or products without any fees (other than your payment processor) and take full profit. You pay for the course/membership plugin and you either set it up yourself or hire someone to do it for you and you’re all set. There’s some up front costs of time and money, but…

  • You own this content
  • No one is taking money from you
  • No one is going to shut you down
  • Again… You own this content

3 – Your Own Website vs. Leadpages

When I see Beachbody coaches using Leadpages for their registrations, optins, waitlists, etc., I cringe. It’s like nails on a chalkboard! Sure, it’s easy to create a landing page with a platform like this, BUT, and this is a big BUT, you are at the mercy of this platform.

When this platform goes down, and it has in the recent past, your pages go down with it. That means the landing page for that course you just launched or the virtual bootcamp you are trying to fill, is down.

There is absolutely nothing you can do about it until the platform is back up again. You have zero control.

When all these pages are on your website, like we did for this Beachbody coach who’s a client of ours – Melissa Brewer –  you eliminate this problem completely. You have complete control… or better said… we have complete control.

We host and maintain all our client’s websites so we are in complete control over the environment where your website lives. We seldom have issues with a website going down and if it does happen it is resolved in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

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Final Thoughts

The benefits of having your own Beachbody website go far beyond these three examples, but these are the ones I see an issue with most often.

Another problem with these 3rd party course platforms and Leadpages is that you lose the SEO juice you should be getting from having your own website as the primary landing place for your business.

Anything you provide, be it services, products, courses, recipes, etc., should all reside on your website.

Payments, registrations, subscriptions, optin forms, sales pages can all be taken care of by adding functionality to your website.

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