What’s Included In My Coaching Website?

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Your website is an investment, both time-wise and financially.

You need a website for your coaching business that represents you and who YOU are as a coach.

Imagine not having to worry about

✔︎ Setting up your WordPress website
✔︎ Knowing what theme to use
✔︎ Knowing the plugins that are necessary
✔︎ Getting your shop setup if you need one
✔︎ Getting your SSL Certificate
✔︎ Deciding what hosting to use
✔︎ Maintaining your website (included in your care & support plan)
✔︎ Updating your website (again, included in your care & support plan)

ALL of this we take care of for you so you can get to the business of actually connecting with your current and prospective coaches, doing the activities that only you can do in your business.

That’s amazing, right?

I thought I’d give you a peek behind the curtain on what exactly IS included with your Coaching Website Design Solution. Check out the list below of what goes into your project on my end. There are minor details that aren’t here, but you can see that building, designing and maintaining a coaching website is pretty involved. There’s a lot of moving pieces from start to finish.

When I am knee deep into a web design project, I am also knee deep in coffee!

It’s our absolute pleasure to serve purpose-driven coaches.

You won’t get a template website that looks like everyone else’s, you are getting an intuitively crafted, created and customized website.

Here I will explain what the process of what our web design process in general, looks like.

During your web design project, we will be working with you exclusively on building and designing your website, communicating with you on progress throughout the process as well as having a one hour strategy call that will take place at least five days before your project begins.

Communication during your design project

During your project timeline we dedicate specific time on building and designing your website, communicating with you on progress throughout the week as well as having a one hour strategy call that will take place at least five days before your scheduled project start date.

Due to the virtual nature of the partnership and the timeframe in which we are working, it is important that you are available to respond to questions, requests and needed feedback during this process.

We will use Google Chat and email to communicate.

Google Drive

I will send you an invite to our shared Google Drive folder once your deposit is made. This will be used to upload photos, content and anything else needed as part of your web design. You can access your shared drive with a free gmail account, but I highly recommend getting yourself a Google Workspace Business Starter plan ($6/month) that will include a professional email address as well as all the other perks of a Google account.

Providing Feedback Throughout Your Project

You will provide feedback on your website using a specific platform, Markup.io, to make comments and approve your pages throughout the day. I will make sure you know exactly how to use it. It’s a pretty cool platform that allows you to “write” on your website. Clients love it and I am sure you will too!

Post Design Project

Your Monthly Care & Support will begin 30 days after your project start date.

Content for your website

You will provide all of your own content, including text, images, PDFs, special designs, etc. you want included. I will proofread and adjust content as necessary, making any edits and/or suggestions to improve upon what you have. Images can be a bit tricky (see below), so I will help with choosing the best for your website.

You will always have final approval of the content on your website.

Having your content prepared and uploaded to your Google Drive folder is required prior to your start date. I do provide a Website Content Workbook to assist in gathering everything you need.

Written content

You’ll want to type your text content (your copy) that you’d like for your website and share it on a Google Doc within your personal Google Drive folder. If you already have a website and we are redesigning, you will share what content you want to stay on your new website and add additional new content as necessary.

Your Website Project Has Started!

  • Header/footer design
  • Copy conversion optimization
  • Homepage & subpage design
  • Send for initial review
  • FIRST REVISION (this is you!)
  • Design remaining pages
  • Create contact & free offer forms
  • Create “thank you” pages
  • Implement integrations
  • Create global elements & sections
  • Imagery
  • Calls to actions
  • Scheduling software integration, if required
  • Photo search time and editing
  • Add SEO meta data & titles
  • Additional functionality
  • Blog template
  • Second review of website
  • SECOND REVISION (this is also you!)

Revisions & Optimization

Towards the end of your project…

  • We’ll make the remaining edits and revisions during the second half of the day
  • I’ll connect FluentSMTP & Postmark – these are platforms that, when connected to your website, ensure that any emails sent from your website will NOT go into SPAM.
  • We’ll test all forms and make sure everything is working properly
  • Refine on-page SEO
  • Grammar and spell-check
  • Additional features that we have time to complete
  • Browser checking
  • Optimize for mobile devices

Website Launch

  • Make final (small) edits
  • Fathom Analytics is set up for you as well as
  • Google Search Console
  • Test EVERYTHING & launch!

Post Design Project

Your Monthly Care & Support will begin 30 days after your project start date.

Our website design, hosting and maintenance services are here to help BODi Partners increase their impact and income through their website and digital strategy.

We understand that a hiring a professional website designer is an investment and we don’t take that lightly. We also understand that there are other web designers out there too.

Our Web Design Solutions

Average investment is $4,000 - $6,500
Custom solutions and payment options are available.

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Steve & Lisa Williams

Our desire to remain on the smaller, ‘mom and pop’ side of things keeps us close to each and every client we serve.

We deliver custom-built websites designed with a solid marketing strategy as the foundation. This ensures your online presence is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also geared towards achieving your business goals.

With our expert guidance, we know you can reach the next level in your business. Partner with us and experience the JoLi Design Solutions difference!