6 Things Your Web Designer Needs From You

When you hire a designer to create a website for you, the most obvious benefit you get is not having to worry about figuring out all of the tech on your own. Ya-hoo!!

This gives you the time you need to actually work on growing your business, focusing in your zone of genius instead of being frustrated and overwhelmed with your website.

The first thing I need from my clients is a commitment and dedication to the project and for us both to come to the table ready to make our work together a wonderful experience. Since we are primarily dedicating one full day to design a website, it’s so important for our clients to be prepared.

With that being said, there’s a bigger, less obvious benefit to working with a web designer.

When you hire a web designer who has experience with not only the technical aspects of designing a website, but also the strategy and marketing behind it, you’re working with someone who understands the importance of your business.

And now you’re getting way more value out of your design project.

Let’s get to it! What does your web designer need from you?

1 – A strong understanding of your business.

The more your web designer knows about your business and has what they need, the better they will understand how to build you the best website that is going to serve your needs. All websites are not created equal. Trust me on this one… I’ve seen some hot messes!

A professional web designer can process all of the information you give them and help you make the most logical choices for your website. Our clients complete a detailed questionnaire and then we dissect their answers during a Kick-Off Call a few days before their VIP Design Day.

This helps me to connect all the dots. No matter what the timeline is for the project, your web designer needs to have an understanding of your business.

2 – The most important things you want people to do on your website.

Getting people to take action on your website is a big part of converting your visitors into clients. You need to identify what actions you want people to take so your web designer can make it easy for your visitors to follow your lead.

If you’re not sure what you want your visitors to do on your site, that’s okay. It’s not always that obvious when you’re just starting out. I will often brainstorm with clients if they aren’t quite sure and it is ultimately my responsibility to guide them in the right direction.

3 – A signed contract and deposit

Most web designers won’t even start the development phase of a project until your deposit clears, so be prepared to pay something up front. A common payment structure is 50% deposit to start your design project and 50% upon completion. Some will also accept a 50%, 25%, 25%.

You may also experience, and we have seen this to be more common recently, is 50% deposit and 50% on a certain date – 1 month, 2 months, or even 3 months after the deposit.

In this payment structure, the web designer is preventing you from holding up the “finished” website until they are paid. This happens when you, the client, is taking fooooor-ever to provide content, or whatever it is that you are responsible for. Meanwhile, the web designer is not getting paid and you’re dragging your feet. Not cool.

4 – Your website content

Gathering content is the first phase of any design project, and it’s the part of the project where the client has the most homework and responsibility.

The more you can prepare in the beginning, the more smoothly your project will run. This includes images, logos, videos – all the content around your written content.

Giving your website content to your web designer as soon as possible is crucial. Missing content can delay your entire project. If you don’t have anything to give your designer, they can’t fully design your website.

One reason we have changed our business model to a one day website – WordPress Website VIP Design Day – is to alleviate a lot of this lag in the process. It’s stressful for both the client and us. Focusing on one day is so much easier and productive.

5 – Your website copy

Submitting copy to your web designer is just as important as giving them your other content. Most web designers are not copywriters, and unless you are going to invest in a copywriter, you need to write your content and get it to your web designer.

What pages do you focus on first?

  • home
  • about
  • services
  • email opt-in offer

Other sub pages, such as indifivual service pages, and additional landing pages will take shape as you go through these initial pages first.

6 – Your email opt in & list

Your email opt in offer is the main thing that transforms your website from a static info site into a marketing tool that works 24/7. It’s imperative that you have a free opt in with a focus on building your email list.

Once you’ve created your email opt-in offer, your web designer can set up the tech to connect your website to your email service provider (there are many, and I recommend FluentCRM).

This client management/email marketing plugin is in WordPress so there are no additional fees for a separate platform – only a yearly subscription. Plus, you are not limited to subscribers.

I’ve also used Mailerlite and ConvertKit and both are great. I fell in love with FluentCRM and haven’t looked back.

Final Thoughts

Working with a web designer isn’t just about paying someone to set up your website for you. It’s an investment in your business and your ability to create a strategic marketing tool.

For me, it’s a partnership, an experience. I know I am creating not only a website, but developing a relationship with my clients so I can provide the best results for their business.

If you’re a new entrepreneur, your web designer can also become a valuable resource for information and guidance.

And, since we also host and maintain WordPress websites, we are there with you for the long game. We are invested in you.

No matter who you hire to designer your precious online home, make sure you feel a real connection to the person. Like a first date, you know right away if there is hope for the relationship. Pay attention to your spidy senses!

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