What Is It Like To Work With JoLi Design Solutions?

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Our website design, hosting and maintenance services are here to help Beachbody coaches, spiritual coaches & healers and small service-based businesses increase their impact and income through their website and digital strategy.

We understand that a design solution is an investment of your time and money. And we also understand that there are other web designers out there too, including if you do it yourself.

We Have Your Back 100%!

Website designed with strategy and purpose
Marketing strategy & support to generate momentum in your business
Your website is managed through one of our WordPress Care & Support Plans.
Focus on your zone of genius and let us take care of the rest

Our Committment To You

We are a husband and wife team – Coffee drinkin’, healthy livin’, spiritually chill webpreneurs.

Your Hire Us – You Get Us

We are close to each and every client we serve and we want to help you succeed in your business ventures. We offer great design and strategy, along with hosting, maintenance, and support services.

This way, you can focus on your business with ease and confidence. You are in great hands!

Steve Lisa serving coaches and healers

It’s our absolute pleasure to serve purpose-driven businesses.

You won’t get a template website that looks like everyone else’s, you are getting an intuitively crafted, created and customized website.

Here I will explain what the process of what our web design process in general, looks like.

During your web design project, we will be working with you exclusively on building and designing your website, communicating with you on progress throughout the process as well as having a one hour strategy call that will take place at least five days before your project begins.

Communication during your design project

We agree to devote time Tuesday through Thursday during your project timeline on building and designing your website, communicating with you on progress throughout the week as well as having a one hour strategy call that will take place at least five days before your scheduled project start date.

Due to the virtual nature of the partnership and the timeframe in which we are working, it is important that you are available to respond to questions, requests and needed feedback.

We will use Google Chat and email to communicate back and forth throughout the day. You will also have access to a client portal where all information is stored.

Google Drive

I will send you an invite to our shared Google Drive folder once your deposit is made. This will be used to upload photos, content and anything else needed as part of your web design. You are not required to have a Gmail address to use it, but I highly recommend getting yourself a Google Workspace Business Starter plan ($6/month) that will include a professional email address as well as all the other perks of a Google account.

Providing Feedback Throughout Your Project

You will provide feedback on your website using a specific platform, Markup.io, to make comments and approve your pages throughout the day. I will make sure you know exactly how to use it. It’s a pretty cool platform that allows you to “write” on your website. Clients love it and I am sure you will too!

Post Design Project

Your Monthly Care & Support will begin 30 days after your project start date.

Content for your website

You will provide all of your own content, including text, images, PDFs, special designs, etc. you want included. I will proofread and adjust content as necessary, making any edits and/or suggestions to improve upon what you have. Images can be a bit tricky (see below), so I will help with choosing the best for your website.

You will always have final approval of the content on your website.

Having your content prepared and uploaded to your Google Drive folder is required prior to your start date. I do provide a Website Content Workbook to assist in gathering everything you need.

Written content

You’ll want to type your text content (your copy) that you’d like for your website and share it on a Google Doc within your personal Google Drive folder. If you already have a website and we are redesigning, you will share what content you want to stay on your new website and add additional new content as necessary.


One component of design that can make or break your website?  Your photos!  You will gather up the photos that you’d like on your website and upload them to your Google Drive folder.

Where can I find copyright free images?

Copyright free images are those that people have decided to let anyone use without paying or needing to link back to the image source. These are great resources for you to find appropriate images. I can locate appropriate images for you, but this will be an add-on to your design project.

Free Images

Here are a few options if you don’t have images:

1. Get creative and take your own
2. Hire a photographer to take some for you
3. Use copyright free images found online
4. Buy stock photos

Where can I find stock photos to purchase?

These are photos generally taken by a professional photographer that are made available for download for a fee. If you would like me to search and purchase photos for you, this will be an “add-on” to your project. I can send you a price estimate which will include the purchase of images.

Creative Market
Adobe Stock

sea turtle

Sea turtle stock photo from Deposit Photos – just because I love sea turtles. 😍 

Our WordPress Management Plans

Our Plans offer you peace of mind that every month we’ll be on hand to update your website, monitor security, tweak performance issues, and respond to requests from you to edit, improve, and fix unforeseen and time sensitive issues.

Benefits include:

  • Your site is on a server that we manage so we know what’s going on at all times.
  • Peace of mind that your website will run the latest version without conflicts.
  • Support via email with personal responses from either Steve or Lisa.
  • Peace of mind that your investment is protected.

There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to running your business. Stressing about keeping your website up to date shouldn’t be one of them.

Three monthly plans are available to choose from and you will decide which one you’d like when your VIP Design Day is complete. Your plan goes into effect 30 days from the design start date.

I hope this has been helpful in showing what it is like to work with us. Our clients are family to us and it is important that we welcome people in who are a great addition that we are the best web design company to help you.

If you have any questions, please reach out. If you are ready to get going on your new website or redesigning an existing website, we are looking forward to providing a fun, relaxing and purpose-driven experience for you!

JoLi’s Free Website Review

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This is a no-obligation website review.

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We don’t take that lightly and want you to know that we intuitively craft, create and customize every site we design with heart and soul.

We continue to provide support and guidance and LOVE watching your business thrive! We are a husband and wife team – Coffee drinkin’, healthy livin’, spiritually chill webpreneurs and we’re here to help you soar!

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