What Is It Like To Work With JoLi Design Solutions?
what is it like to work with JoLi Design Solutions
Written by: Lisa Williams

Our website design, hosting and maintenance services are here to help health and wellness coaches/consultants increase their impact and income through their website and digital strategy.

We understand that a design solution is an investment of your time and money. And we also understand that there are other web designers out there too, including if you do it yourself.

So I created this blog post to help you understand everything you need to know before investing in our solutions. What it’s like partnering with us and working with us.

JoLi Design Solutions’ Welcome Guide!

Normal Business Hours

Our office hours are Tuesday through Friday, 10a-5p CST. We (my husband and I) do our best to respond within a few hours during these times. Occasionally there will be a need to work outside of our normal hours and we are okay with that too, but it is rare.

Client Communication

All communication will take place either by email or within your personal Client Workspace – which you will receive access to once your deposit is made for your design project. This workspace will house everything you need to feel at ease with the entire process – and beyond.

If there is a need to attend to any client design work over the weekend, it’s minimal and at my discretion. I rarely respond to emails outside of normal business hours unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Google Drive To Manage Content

I will send you an invite to our shared Google Drive folder once your deposit is made. This will be used to upload photos, content and anything else needed as part of your web design. You are not required to have a Gmail address to use it, but I highly recommend getting yourself a Google Workspace Business Starter plan ($6/month) that will include a professional email address as well as all the other perks of a Google account.

Phone Calls

During your design project there are two one-hour Google Meet calls built in for review, questions, modifications, etc. Should you desire more time during the duration of your project, there is a fee of $60/hr that is paid at the time you schedule the call.

Because I work with multiple clients, I cannot be available for unscheduled phone calls. Most questions can be answered via email/video or within your Client Workspace and it takes much less time and is more efficient.

After your design project is completed and we move into your Monthly Care & Support, there is a plan that includes one strategy call each month, but if you ever need to schedule a call to discuss your website or email marketing, you can for a $60/hr investment.

Design Project Timelines

The majority of website design projects take 4-8 weeks from the date your project is set to begin. Yours may take longer depending on the functionality you want – and of course, how prepared you are. If something should arise where there may be a need to deviate from this timeline, communication with me is vital.

I am in regular communication with you during your design project and you will be kept up to date through each step of the process. We have a set, yet fluid, 5-step process that we follow for all website design projects.

Overview of our 5-Step Design Process

Accept proposal, sign contract and pay initial deposit. It’s time to get you all settled into Notion and schedule your Kick-Off Call!

– Site map created
– Branding/Visual Identity
– Business information collected
– Getting as much content as possible together

  • Color Palette and Visual Identity Board created & approve
  • Logo design and approval if needed
  • Setting up WordPress with theme, plugins & page structure
  • Homepage design (with footer and main navigation)
  • Review and approval before moving forward
  • Design remaining pages
  • I will provide regular weekly updates
  • You will provide feedback and give approval before moving forward
  • Add additional features and functionality
  • Refine main pages and make edits based on feedback
  • Make final revisions and edits
  • Optimize for mobile and add any remaining “final touches”
  • Test & Launch!!

Providing Feedback on Your Website

You will provide the majority of feedback using your Client Workspace and will also be using a specific platform, Markup.io, to make edits to your design and I will make sure you know exactly how to use it. It’s a pretty cool platform that allows you to “write” on your website. Clients love it and I am sure you will too!

Responding During Your Design Project

It’s vital that you are available during your website design project. I do my best to respond to you within 24 hours – at the very least acknowledge that I have received your question/comment and will reply in detail ASAP. I am aware things come up and can sideline us, and at the same time, a quick email or comment in your workspace is acknowledgement and it’s all good. 😊

Written Content

Providing Content

This can be a major time delay in your website development and can result in additional costs to you if I don’t receive content in a timely manner. I provide all due dates and instructions as we move through the design process and adhering to the requests is crucial to remain on schedule.

The majority of content you need to send me for your project is to be added to your personal Google Drive folder that I share with you at the beginning of your project. Minor text changes and/or questions can be added to your Client Workspace too.

You will provide all of your own content, including text, images, PDFs, special designs, etc. you want included. I will proofread and adjust content as necessary, making any edits and/or suggestions to improve upon what you have. Images can be a bit tricky (see below), so I will help with choosing the best for your website.

You will always have final approval of the content on your website.

Having your content well thought out before your project begins is very helpful for both you and me. I do provide a Website Content Guide at the beginning of your project and clients find that it is very helpful.

Text Content

You’ll want to type your text content (your copy) that you’d like for your website and share it on a Google Doc within your personal Google Drive folder.

Tip: People don’t fully read websites anymore, they skim. Large paragraphs of text look overwhelming to visitors and they tend to skim or skip all together. Keep your writing short and to the point. A full paragraph every now and then is fine, but whenever possible, keep things concise.

When designing, I’ll make use of line breaks, headings and bulleted lists to assist in making sure your important information gets read!



The number one thing that will make or break your website? Your photos! YOu will gather up the photos that you’d like on your website and upload them to your Google Drive folder.

Questions that I am frequently asked:

What size should my images be?

Your website will be responsive, meaning the size of the page and images change depending on the size of the screen it’s viewed on. Most phones take larger scaled images and may be just fine. If you are in doubt, put them in the Google Drive folder anyway and I’ll let you know if I can use them.

What if I don’t have any images? Can I take some from Google or somewhere else online?

Please do not do this. Most photos are licensed under copyright law and those photos belong to someone else.

Where can I find copyright free images?

Copyright free images are those that people have decided to let anyone use without paying or needing to link back to the image source. These are great resources for you to find appropriate images. I can locate appropriate images for you, but this will be an add-on to your design project.

Free Images

Here are a few options if you don’t have images:

1. Get creative and take your own
2. Hire a photographer to take some for you
3. Use copyright free images found online
4. Buy stock photos

It is your responsibility to ensure the photos you choose to use on your website are either copyright free, the stock photo license is correctly paid for or you own the copyright. JoLi Design Solutions will not double check that you have the right to use the photos you provide, and will not be held responsible for any copyright infringement issues that may arise from the use of photos that you provided to be used on your website.

Where can I find stock photos to purchase?

These are photos generally taken by a professional photographer that are made available for download for a fee. If you would like me to search and purchase photos for you, this will be an “add-on” to your project. I can send you a price estimate which will include the purchase of images.

Creative Market
Adobe Stock

sea turtle

Sea turtle stock photo from Deposit Photos – just because I love sea turtles. 😍 

Our WordPress Care & Support Plans

Our Plans offer you peace of mind that every month we’ll be on hand to update your website, monitor security, tweak performance issues, and respond to requests from you to edit, improve, and fix unforeseen and time sensitive issues.

Benefits include:

  • Your site is on a server that we manage so we know what’s going on at all times.
  • Peace of mind that your website will run the latest version without conflicts.
  • Support via email with a quick turnaround of 1-2 business days.
  • Peace of mind that your investment is protected.

There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to running your business. Stressing about keeping your website up to date shouldn’t be one of them.

Three monthly plans are available to choose from and you will decide which one you’d like as we near the end of your design project. Your plan goes into effect 30 days from the design start date.

Our Project Management Platform

Why is JoLi Design Solutions using Google Drive?

Most web designers use a platform that requires you to create an account and learn a new tool so that your project can be “managed”. We did that too! These platforms are fancy, can do a lot of things, but I have found they can be a bit overwhelming for our clients. I gave it a lot of thought and realized that what you need is communication about your web design project, a place to keep track of where we are in the process, and an easy way to collaborate when necessary.

Hello simple… Hello Google Drive!

There are a ton of tools out there and I prefer to keep things simple. Our shared Google Drive folder is organized so that you know exactly where things are.

Your design process, timelines, etc. and continuing work we will do together month after month – Google Drive is where it’s at.

I hope this has been helpful in showing what it is like to work with us. Our clients are family to us and it is important that we welcome people in who are a great addition – AND that we are the best web design company to help you.

If you have any questions, please reach out. If you are ready to get going on your new website or redesigning an existing website, I am looking forward to providing a fun, relaxing and purpose-driven experience for you!



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We’ll work together to give you a crisp, simple, polished website that generates momentum in your health and wellness business so that you can do what you do best… transform lives!

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