Do You Have Too Many Lead Magnets For Your Business?

woman sitting at desk with laptop feeling overwhelmed

Are you chasing after the next big lead magnet? Does it feel like you have so many offers you’re not sure which one is actually working for you?

This post is all about scaling back and looking at the big picture.

Keep it simple.

You don’t have to have lead magnets for every single ‘thing’ in yourbusiness. Just because someone is telling you ‘this is the way’, you are the one who determines the best action to take in your business.

If you are not aligned with the action you are taking, nothing is going to work. No strategy, no service, no free offer, nothing.

You’ll be banging your head against the wall trying to figure out what WILL work, stressing yourself out, all because you are listening to other people.

My business experience – maybe this will help you

When I was a Beachbody Coach and then a Hypnotist/Life Coach, I thought the more offers I had the better. I could reach all these different people with what I was offering.

I was listening to the “experts” in the online space telling me to write a blog post, share an “upgraded offer”, write another blog post, share another offer. I was wearing myself out trying to create multiple lead magnets to coincide with multiple blog posts.

This shit was just not working and it was insane the amount of stress I was feeling. Plus, I wasn’t converting much at all with any of the free offers. Many cups of coffee and hours of contemplating were not helping my situation.

Why was this happening? I was not specific enough.

I was all over the place with offers and where did they lead? Nowhere really. I wasn’t looking at the end goal for these offers.

What was the client journey I expected someone to take?

Had no idea really. I was just doing what I was told by the “experts”.

I was spending hours creating all the fancy guides, checklists, meal plans, audio recordings… you name it, I created it.

I was throwing up the free offers like a fishing net trying to catch as many people as I could.

Does having too many lead magnets resonate with you?

If you feel like you have too many lead magnets and you aren’t sure what to keep, what to get rid of, what to combine… let’s see if I can help.

1 – Gather your offers into one list and evaluate

  • List out all your lead magnets (your services too)
  • Take a good look at each one and ask yourself if this is an offer you are aligned with.
  • Does the offer start the client journey leading to one of your services?
  • Is this offer something that your soul clients are looking for?

2 – Narrow down your free offers

Try really hard (I know, it may be tough) to get to 1-2 that you are going to focus on. This is not going to keep you from adding other offers down the road, but if you have so much going on that nothing is working, you have to take a step back and simplify.

This is going to allow you to propel forward in your business. Trust me on this one. Simplicity and ease is going to do so much more for your business (and mental health) than you can imagine.

3 – Choose ONE offer you are going to focus on RIGHT NOW to get right

This one offer is your main lead magnet. This is the start of a nice, easy client journey that leads to one of your paid services (or your main program, course, etc.).

You’re going to set this up, connect all the pieces (website, form, email marketing platform, email sequence, automation… all the moving parts) and market, market, market.

simple lead magnet journey

What’s next in simplifying your lead magnets?

1 – Choose your ONE free offer

Give it a make-over, save it and upload it to a cloud storage. We use Google Drive, but whatever you have is great. The sharing link is what you are going to use in your email so subscribers can access the free offer.

Your offer can be a PDF, video, audio, or if it’s an email series, all the more easy because there’s nothing to ‘share’ – Just send the emails!

2 – Create your landing page

I recommend using your website to house this landing page instead of paying for another platform. You want traffic to your website. You want to optimize this page with SEO to, at some point in this process, show up in a Google search. Your website is going to do this the best, in my opinion.

3 – Create the form people are going to use to opt in

We use Fluent Forms Pro, but any form builder (usually this is a part of your email marketing platform) will do. All you need is two fields – first name and email – then a submit button.

Use something a little more creative than “submit” though. Give it to me, I’ll take this, Yes, perfect, Gimme the _____. Have fun with this and give it a little personality

4 – Make the form redirect to your thank you page.

When someone ‘submits’ you can add a redirect instead of a standard “thank you for your submission” that you find with most email marketing platforms.. The redirect URL is the URL to your thank you page.

5 – Put the form on your website

  • Add buttons throughout your website that will link to the landing page
  • Embed the form on your website – in the footer, sidebar of your blog, in a section on your homepage, wherever it’s appropriate
  • Use a combination of these two
  • Use a pop up – please be careful with this. I don’t know about you, but popups annoy me – especially when I am bombarded with them before I can even read two sentences

6 – Create your automated nurture sequence.

Generally you will have 3-5 emails that welcome people into your orbit. The number of emails can vary though and there is no right or wrong way to go about this. Do what feels right for you.

7 – Test!!!

Make sure that everything is working correctly. Use an alternate email you have, or get a friend to opt in, and test everything. Make sure you get to the thank you page, your email comes fairly soon and you’re able to access the free offer if you’re including a link to it in the email.

If you are using a double opt-in, make sure that is working correctly.

8 – Market this baby!!

Ya gotta share this with your existing email list, on social media, share on Pinterest (multiple pins, multiple times), write blog posts about it, tell people about it… it’s not a magic process.

You can run ads, but this is tricky. I’m not an expert with ads, and I’ve gotten burned a few times because it’s been too much too soon. It’s best to lay low with ads for the moment.

Final Thoughts

This is a process! Can you see now why having too many lead magnets can drive you nuts? Keep it simple. Get one in place, churning along, tweak as you go and make sure this ONE is going to do well if you leave it alone for a bit. Then, move on to another one – if you want to.

You can have one lead magnet be an amazing attractor for you.

There is no right or wrong way to do things in YOUR business. If it feels right, do it. If not, then don’t.

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