7 Best Stress Relief Products That Work

lady coloring to relieve stress

Guest Post: LaTonya Williams; Renew Box

Most of our clients are in the health and wellness industry in some capacity, and this client of ours is no exception. We began our journey together in the summer of 2020 when she was getting ready to launch her holistic subscription box company – Renew Box.

What an amazing experience it has been to help her grow this business and see it evolve over time.

LaTonya’s mission is clear: My Renew Box makes it easy for you to beat burnout and overwhelm with a seasonal delivery of self-care products.

Today I’m sharing a blog post LaTonya wrote. Being a huge fan of self-care (I have my own Renew Box subscription!) and understanding the wonderful benefits of using various stress relief products and how they can help support both our business and personal life, I thought it would be helpful for you too!

Daily life can be extremely stressful with all its unexpected ups and downs. No matter your age or current job, anyone can fall victim to stress. This, in turn, can have a negative impact on both your mental and physical health.

Thankfully, there are ways to combat stress, including products that range from old-school tactics to cutting-edge technological innovations. Join me on an exploration of the best stress relief products that actually work.

1 – Stress Balls

Sometimes you just have to let it all out – and what better way than squishing and squashing an unbreakable ball? These simple yet effective gadgets come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and resistance levels to provide the perfect anxiety-reducing experience for everyone.

Not only does it help to release tension and stress, but it can also help increase blood circulation and strengthen your muscles and joints. To top it all off, they tend to be on the cheaper side when it comes to stress relief products, at around $10 for a pack of three balls.

2 – Weighted Blankets

The weighted blanket has become a buzzword when it comes to stress relief tactics, and for good reason. This product is said to mimic the therapeutic technique called deep pressure stimulation, which effectively reduces a range of conditions, including anxiety.

Weighted blankets can reduce stress levels and improve mood, all while keeping you snug as a bug. I received a weighted blanket as a gift and I sleep so much more soundly now. For the most effective experience, a common recommendation is to get a blanket that is around 10 percent of your body weight.

3 – Adult Coloring Books

Many of us may remember our childhood days as one of the few times in our life where we weren’t completely stressed out. So why not throw it back to those days with an adult coloring book?

It may seem ridiculous to some, but art therapy is a tried and tested technique to reduce stress levels and anxiety. It has been shown to effectively release negative emotions, stay grounded in the present, and reduce spiraling thoughts.

Especially if you aren’t otherwise the creative type yourself, coloring books can provide all the benefits of art therapy without the added artistic pressure.

Lisa: I love coloring and use an app on my ipad (Procreate). I upload images that I can color and it’s amazing how calm I am when coloring. Add relaxing music to the mix and wow!

essential oil diffuser

4 – Essential Oil Diffusers

Using an essential oil diffuser is a form of aromatherapy. During this process, essential oils, made of flowers, herbs, or trees, are gently misted into your surroundings and then taken up by the receptors in your nose.

The oils are thought to affect certain parts of your brain that improve sleep, reduce feelings of stress, and elevate your mood.

While traditional diffusers tend to be stationary, some clever product designers have come up with USB diffusers. These nifty gadgets plug right into your laptop and provide you with your favorite soothing essential oils everywhere you go. Also, perfect if you happen to forget perfume one day!

Lisa: I have an oil diffuser that is in our office, but wow, I gotta try one of these USB diffusers! Here’s a pretty cool one I found.

5 – Thync

Now, here is where stress relief products meet the 21st century. Thync is a wearable technology that uses electronic pulses to stimulate the brain. This, in turn, reduces stress levels, improves your mood and sleep quality.

While this one may seem a bit out there, the technology is completely non-invasive and has been tested over 5,000 times.

6 – Sona

Sona combines modern technology with the oldest of stress relief practices – meditation. The Sona bracelet monitors your heart rate and tracks it in the Caeden app.

It is equipped with five resonance breathing meditation sessions to refocus your mind and calm the body.

The goal is to gear your body into building your resilience to stress. The app also tracks your overall physical health, such as calories and steps. Meanwhile, the bracelet doubles as a cute accessory and is available in white and black.

7 – WellBe

WellBe doesn’t just combat the symptoms of stress but takes it one step back and identifies the source. Once again, a bracelet monitors your heart rate, which gets relayed to the mobile app.

Here, a variety of stress solutions can be found, such as breathing exercises and guided meditation.

However, the app runs a stress analysis beyond these fixes. It pinpoints exactly what (or who) is stressing you out. This product is great for anyone looking to be proactive about their stress reduction. Although there may be some uncomfortable revelations!

Bonus Sress Relief Product!

Renew Box Subscription

Renew Box isn’t a gadget but it definitely takes the stress out of figuring out your self-care practices. It’s a seasonal delivery of 6-10 wellness and lifestyle products. The products may include the latest beauty and accessory trends, supplies to spark your creativity, and snacks and fitness items to support a healthy lifestyle.

Also included is a Self-Care Planner with 20+ activities and challenges you can do to experience 5 types of self-care: Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Social.

Subscribers also get access to a private Facebook community where members share self-care tips, encourage each other, complete challenges, and vote on future products.

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