What Is Hosting And Why Is It Important?

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How in the world does a house, and the land it’s on, have anything to do with hosting my website?

I’m so glad you asked. 😄

You’re ready to build a house and you go to the architect, who’s going to design this beauty of yours, and you are presented with various pieces of land you can build on.

How do you choose what piece of land to build your dream home on? Mind you, these are all bits of land that are in your desired geographical area, so you can take that out of the equation. I bet you are going to look closely at the quality of land because you surely don’t want to build your home on a less than average piece of land.

I mean, this is your dream home… you want the best land possible. Right?

Okay, so what if you’re not building a home, but you’re on the hunt for a new home in a desired area? You still want to make sure that where the home is located has good land. Neighbors?

Oh goodness… neighbors can kind of make or break a neighborhood, right? 🤦🏻‍♀️ What your neighbors do can affect your house and often times cause some real issues with living there.

What’s underneath that top layer of grass (or other terrain if you live in a place without much grass)? If you’ve got problems underground, chances are at some point it’s going to affect the entire foundation of your home. Yikes!

Your website is exactly like your home. Well, not exactly, but… it is your online home. It’s a place you build, decorate, maintain, open your doors to visitors, change the layout every so often and are proud of all you’ve done. See, like a home! 🏠

So what is hosting for your WordPress website and why is it important that you have the best hosting you can?

What Is Hosting?

It’s essentially the “land” that your website sits on. Pretty much like a house. You can either be on an “island” or you can be jammed in with a bunch of other websites. I prefer to have our website, and our clients’ websites on their own island, which in website talk, is called a server.

We have our website and clients’ websites hosted at Liquid Web. Here we manage our own server with all our websites. Gives us complete control over our “neighborhood”.

If you are going to purchase your own hosting, I highly recommend FlyWheel. For a reasonable monthly cost, you can have your website hosted on its own little piece of land, and they help you manage it.

Having a stable foundation is going to (99.9% of the time) prevent all hell from breaking loose on your website. I say 99.9% because this is technology we’re talking about so we have to allow for a bit of possibility. 🤷🏻‍♀️

In order to publish your website online, your business website requires a web hosting service.

Take for example, Squarespace. They provide the hosting for you and when you build your website (i.e. house), Squarespace takes care of all the maintenance, updates, security, backups, storage of your actual site, the bandwidth – meaning how much traffic can your website handle at one time. This usually isn’t an issue for the small business entrepreneur, however it is something to consider.

Whew… they take care of a lot of stuff for you! Take into consideration that they also OWN your website and can do anything they want at any time.

And then there’s WordPress. When you choose to go this route, you are responsible for finding your own hosting provider and maintaining your own site.

There’s different ways to go about it and cost is a factor, but in the end, your hosting provider will take care of some things and you are taking care of all the rest.

It’s so important where you host your website. Don’t go for the lowest price option because you will sacrifice security and speed (mostly) on your website and with the cheaper hosting, you are responsible for all maintenance and upkeep on your website.

How do you choose what hosting company to go with?

Do your research – here’s a short article to get you started!

Know who to stay away from – Here are my top 3

  1. GoDaddy
  2. Bluehost
  3. Hostgator

Ask questions – if you know someone knowledgable ask them , if not, I’m an email away at lisa@jolidesignsolutions.com.

Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams

Wordpress & Divi Design Specialist

Based in San Antonio, Texas, we design, maintain and host awesome websites for entrepreneurs & nonprofit organizations transforming and impacting lives.

We intuitively craft, create and customize every site we design with heart and soul. We continue to provide support and guidance after your website is live and LOVE watching your business/organization thrive!

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