What’s Included in my Beachbody Coach Website?
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Written by: Lisa Williams

Your website is an investment, both time-wise and financially. 

You need a website for your coaching business that represents you and who YOU are as a Beachbody Coach.

Your frustration with building your own website… GONE! You will finally have a website that gets you results.

Imagine not having to worry about

✔︎ Setting up your WordPress website
✔︎ Knowing what theme to use
✔︎ Knowing the plugins that are necessary
✔︎ Getting your shop setup if you need one
✔︎ Getting your SSL Certificate
✔︎ Deciding what hosting to use
✔︎ Maintaining your website (included in your care & support plan)
✔︎ Updating your website (again, included in your care & support plan)

ALL of this 👆🏼 we take care of for you so you can get to the business of actually connecting with your current and prospective coaches, doing the activities that only you can do in your business, and expanding your Beachbody Team.

That’s amazing, right?

I thought I’d give you a peek behind the curtain on what exactly IS included with your Beachbody Coach Website Design Solution. Check out the list below of what goes into your project on my end. There are minor details that aren’t here, but you can see that building, designing and maintaining a coaching website is pretty involved. There’s a lot of moving pieces from start to finished.

When I am knee deep into a web design project, I am also knee deep in coffee!

Our Web Design Process


  • Your proposal is accepted and the contract is signed
  • You make your 50% deposit
  • Schedule Kick-Off call to talk about the goals of your website and your overall strategy
  • I organize folders/files that we will use during your web design project
  • I’ll invite to our shared Google Drive Folder
  • We solidify colors, brand, styles during and shortly after the Kick-Off Call


Still not ready to jump into the design just yet.

  • You will begin to write the copy (content) for your homepage & services
  • You will provide any images
  • I’ll setup your development site – this is where I will design your website and provide you with a link to view when you need to make changes
  • I’ll create your visual identity board – typography, colors, brand imagery
  • You’ll approve your visual identity board
  • We’ll solidify main call to action – this is what you want people to do when they get to your website


This part of the project is pretty much all me. You’ll continue to provide content for your website, but I’ll be knee deep into the design… and also the coffee! 🤣 

  • Design guide on website
  • Header/footer design
  • Remainder of website copy received
  • Copy conversion optimization
  • Homepage & subpage design
  • Send for initial review
  • Design remaining pages
  • Create contact & free offer forms
  • Create “thank you” pages
  • Implement all integrations
  • Create global elements & sections
  • Imagery
  • Calls to actions
  • Scheduling software integration, if required
  • Photo search time and editing
  • Define photo idea for subpages with client
  • Add SEO meta data & titles
  • Additional functionality
  • Blog template
  • Second review of website
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Revisions & Optimization

  • We’ll make the remaining edits and revisions
  • I’ll connect FluentSMTP & Postmark – these are platforms that, when connected to your website, ensure that any emails sent from your website will NOT go into SPAM.
  • We’ll test all forms and make sure everything is working properly
  • Refine on-page SEO
  • Grammar and spell-check
  • Additional features
  • Browser checking
  • Optimize for mobile devices

Let us help you

Let’s grab a coffee, pull you out of the DIY rabbit hole, and give you the website of your dreams.


  • Make final (small) edits
  • Google Analytics is set up for you as well as
  • Google Search Console
  • Schedule final call
  • Test EVERYTHING & launch!

Site Maintenance & Hosting

  • Transition to maintenance & support
  • Submitting requests
  • Marketing strategy

Moving Forward

Additional Client Services

These are additional services we offer to existing clients as either a one-time project investment or a monthly commitment.

  • SEO Boost & Keyword Research
  • Email Integration and List Building
  • Digital Marketing & Website Strategy
  • Course/Membership Creation
  • Half/Full Power Hours

Our website design, hosting and maintenance services are here to help health and wellness coaches/consultants increase their impact and income through their website and digital strategy.

We understand that a design solution is an investment of your time and money. And we also understand that there are other web designers out there too, including if you do it yourself.

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WordPress Designer & Strategist

Lisa Williams

Your website is an investment… not a cost. We don’t take that lightly and want you to know that we intuitively craft, create and customize every site we design with heart and soul. We continue to provide support and guidance and LOVE watching your business thrive!

We’ll work together to give you a crisp, simple, polished website that generates momentum in your health and wellness business so that you can do what you do best… transform lives!

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