animal rescue website design

we are honored to provide animal rescues & shelters with a strategic, high value website that allows them to focus on what is important – saving animals.

We know you spend every cent they have on saving the animals, maintaining their health and well-being and finding forever homes. We are committed to helping animal rescues continue their mission by designing, and maintaining, stunning websites.


We believe you deserve:

a website that is strategic & stunning

Effortlessly receive donations, showcase your services, involve your community and share your adoptable pets

a website that will enhance user interaction

Allow your visitors to navigate your website with ease.

a website that will increase your visibility

With our strategic design and SEO strategy, you are able to reach a wider audience.

why choose us?

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had a deep desire to help dogs & cats who need a home, who deserve a wonderful life and who often never have their forever home. As a little girl, I would try as best I could to bring all the dogs and cats I found back home with me, bu that didn’t go over so well with my parents. 🤣

I’ve always imagined having a place of my own to take in strays and elderly pets, and while I cannot do some things, like bring them all home with me 😊 there is a solution in this present moment.

Every animal shelter and rescue organization has to cover the costs of daily operations, supplies, staff training, community outreach programs, and much more. Your website is very often an afterthought, and this is crippling the impact your organization can have in your community.

We want to help you make a greater impact by offering our web design services at a significant discount for you.

We are committed to helping animal rescues & shelters continue their mission by designing and maintaining stunning websites.

web design packages

nothin' fancy

✔︎ premium divi theme & builder
✔︎ premium plugins
✔︎ donation platform connection
✔︎ easy editing

✔︎ free SSL certificate
✔︎ domain connection
✔︎ premium form builder
✔︎ strategic & impactful design
✔︎ basic on-page SEO
✔︎ social media connection
✔︎ mobile responsive design
✔︎ and so much more…


nothin’ fancy +

✔︎ email Marketing Integration
✔︎ brand Refinement
✔︎ 3 branded social media graphics/templates
✔︎ e-commerce integration & up to 5 products added
✔︎ hosting for 6 months
✔︎ monthly maintenance & care for 6 months

nifty nonprofit

purrr-fect +

✔︎ 6 branded social media graphics/templates
✔︎ hosting for 6 months
✔︎ monthly Maintenance & Care for 6 months
✔︎ google analytics set up
✔︎ advanced functionality (event calendar, registrations, etc.)
✔︎ e-commerce integration & up to 10 products added
✔︎ in-depth SEO strategy & implementation
✔︎ 10 premium stock photos

We believe a website is the FOUNDATION of any business, and even more important for nonprofits serving animals in need.

We are here to help!

Approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter animal shelters each year.

Approximately 3.2 million shelter animals are adopted each year.

Approximately 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized each year.

we can help you!

We can help you help more animals in your community. Make a bigger and brighter impact and welcome people to join you on your journey.

Budget Concerns?

Checkout our WordPress Starter Pack

Design your website starting with a solid foundation and access resources and templates to maximize effort and save time.

💰 Do you need a website but can’t quite stretch the budget to get one done professionally?

😔 Tired of spending so much time on your website and still not being happy with it?

😩 Overwhelmed by all the tech stuff but still want to do most of your website yourself?

I’ll tell you from experience that having a stable, rock-solid foundation is going to set you up for success. Your hosting and maintenance is crucial… (you get what you pay for essentially) as well as what you use to actually design your website.

With the WordPress Starter Pack your foundation is solid as a rock!

✔️ You are hosted with a premium hosting company – US!
✔️ You have a premium theme
✔️ Your layout & plugins are top notch
✔️ Your colors and style are set before you begin designing

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