Simplify Your Business Consultation

Do you really need all those tools? Probably not.

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What’s Included?

$247 | 90-Minute Session

I’ll provide you with a detailed action plan so that you can simplify and operate your business with ease and confidence. Based on 10+ years of experience using all kinds of tools and systems while. connecting all the “tech dots”, I have come to the conclusion that simple is best.

Too many platforms and out of date systems can cost you more money in the long run and can reduce traffic to your website, causing you and your clients/customers confusion.

Get an inside look at the tools and systems we use with our clients, including, but not limited to the following…

Website Platform

The platform you are using for your website is important. Certain platforms can limit the functionality of your website.

Email Marketing Platform

There’s so many to choose from, but what platform do we use that gives you more bang for your buck and assures you land in the inbox vs spam?

Landing Page Platform

Learn why we don’t use a separate platform to create landing pages and why that can hurt your business.

Workflow Automation

We’ll find where we can automate and connect the dots in your workflow to give you back quality time to actually grow your business – and enjoy a cup of coffee!

About The Consultation

This is a 90-minute consultation session where we will collaborate to enhance your marketing strategy, website/branding strategy, or systems and workflows to cater to the specific needs of your business.

JoLi Design Solutions is your ultimate partner in turning your tech-related stress into resounding success. 

At the end of the session, you will gain:

  1. Clear direction and a roadmap to advance your business
  2. A deeper understanding of how to implement strategies and systems that suit the unique needs of your business
  3. Peace of mind, knowing that your website, brand, and systems are on the right path


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Let’s Simplify Your Business

$247 | 90-Minute Session

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Simplify Your Business Consultation