Latte Website Design Solution

For purpose-driven businesses ready to go all in on establishing their online presence and accelerating business growth.

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Say Goodbye To The Overwhelm!

  1. Are you frustrated with trying to do this all yourself?
  2. Do you lack the time and energy to give your full attention to working on your business instead of this pesky website?
  3. Do you want more freedom and ease so that you can generate momentum and increase revenue?
  4. Is the noise on social media keeping you away from what matters most?

We can help! We’ve got you!

Say Hello To The Benefits!

Your Own Online Real Estate

You’ll have a strategic and intentional website designed for your business that showcases your services and is unique to you.

Have Control Of Your Business

You’ll have an online presence that you own and control so you’ll have ample opportunity to thrive. As your business evolves, your website is right there to evolve with you.

Stand Out From The Crowd

You’ll have a website that you’re proud of and are eager to share wherever and whenever you want. 

Weight Lifted Off Your Shoulders

No more worrying about your website – the tech, the upkeep, the additions. Heck, you don’t even have to log in if you don’t want to! We have your back 100%!

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Have you tried purchasing those fancy templates but they aren’t as easy to customize as you were led to believe?

Are you frustrated, stuck, overwhelmed and embarrassed by your current website?

Do you feel like the wheels are always spinning on social media and you’re stuck in a cycle of always having to find new clients?

3 Steps To Get Started

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Step 1


Choose the right solution for you then complete the Design Inquiry Form and schedule your coffee chat.

Step 2


You’ll receive an email from me with all the info about your prep work and how to get started.

Step 3


The coffee is brewing and it’s time to go! 😉 We’ll communicate via Google Chat and email throughout the few days of design and feedback.

Limited Availability

Latte Website Design Solution

Investment: $6,500
Timeline: ~ 14 Days

➭ 10-12 pages
➭ Professional email set up with Google Workspace
➭ Premium theme and plugins ($800+ value)
➭ JoLi Branding and Logo Design
➭ Email marketing platform installation and setup (one year subscription included)
➭ Two offer pages connected to your email marketing platform
➭ Branded Blog OR Podcast page
➭ BONUS: Legal Policies license for one year (value: $119)
➭ BONUS: 2 months of our Essentials Care & Support Plan included (value: $258)

E-Commerce, Membership or Course/Program functionality is an additional investment of at least $2,500 each and extends the timeline.

Are You Ready To Hire A Web Designer?

Download this free guide where I share what’s important for you to have in place before you decide to hire a professional web designer. It’s not always the right time for you, and that’s okay. You want to make sure you’re ready for the investment.

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