Growth Services For Existing Clients

Support Tasks Included In All Plans

Choose one or more of these tasks to be completed. If what you need isn’t here, email me and I will let you know if it’s included in your plan or if it’s a paid service.

Quarterly calls are offered in January, April, July, and October. An email will be sent to schedule a week or so in advance.

Your time resets every month.

Monthly Support Tasks

Common requests by our clients.

➭ Navigation changes
➭ Moving existing content around
➭ Adding/removing promo banner
➭ Changing/adding text
➭ Short page with form (could possibly be a flat fee of $199)
Scheduling a campaign email or two (I only work in FluentCRM or ConvertKit)
Adding one blog post with 2-3 images that you’ve written
➭ Adding “a few” images to your website
➭ Changing/adding links to a scheduler, YouTube videos, etc.

Paid Services

If you need something not listed, email me and I can let you know if it will be a flat fee, half day or a full day.

These are the most common request from our clients.

Flat Fee Projects - $199

➡ Landing page for opt in or digital purchase
➡ Restructure of 1-2 pages on your website
➡ Adding one page on your website
➡ Creating your blog template
➡ Optimizing a current blog post
➡ SEO Optimization for one main page on your website

Half Day Projects- $499

➡ Restructure of your website (not a redesign)
➡ Setting up and creating email sequences and automations in FluentCRM or ConvertKit
➡ Setting up a blog or podcast template with archive page and individual post page
➡ Adding multiple products to your store

Full Day Projects - $999

➡ Course/Program setup and integration
➡ Rebranding and restructure of your website
➡ Long-form Sales Page
➡ Setting up and integrating a shop

Monthly Podcast Transcription - $799/m

➡ Create a written transcription of the audio.
➡ Review the transcription for accuracy and clarity.
➡ Edit the transcription for readability, removing filler words and repetition.
➡ Create and edit AI content
➡ Format transcription for website
➡ Add episode to website

Monthly Podcast to Blog - $299/m

➡ Use the show notes to craft a more detailed blog post.
➡ Expand on the main topics and key takeaways covered in the episode.
➡ Include images and links to enhance the post.
➡ Optimize the post for SEO by including relevant keywords and meta descriptions.
➡ End the post with a call-to-action that encourages readers to listen to the podcast or engage with the content in some way.

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