are you leveraging your email automation

Leveraging your email automation will save you time – and your sanity!

Imagine writing a set of emails just once that is sent to different people at different times when they need it most. How do you leverage your email automation? Are you struggling to send emails regularly?

Is your email platform one hot mess where you aren’t sure what’s going on? You are leaving money on the table if you aren’t using this wonderful marketing resource – email marketing – to leverage your automation.

Email automation allows you to program when emails are sent based on behavioral, time-sensitive or other types of triggers. How freaking cool is that!? I love being able to write my emails and schedule them to be sent at specific times.

Also, when someone opts in to anything I am offering, they are immediately placed in an automated sequence. Once you do this in your email marketing program, it’s done, unless you are going to make any changes.

Side note: I prefer Mailerlite, especially when you are just starting out. I have tested quite a few for myself, and while I used ConverKit for a long time, Mailerlite has some pretty great features, and they are FREE for the first 1000 users. Oh yes!!

Email marketing can be used to build trust over time to turn your subscribers into repeat clients. It is also an effective way to keep “your people” informed about new sales, programs or promotions you are running.

People want to stay informed, and email marketing is one of the best ways to stay engaged with your audience.

In every email you send out make sure you offer a free tip, statistic, or other tidbit of useful information that your subscriber can use whether or not they decide to work with you. Also, inject some of your personality into emails. You don’t have to tell your life story but connecting with your subscribers by sharing bits and pieces of you, is a great way to build trust.

Sure, you want to make contact with your prospective client and market your your self and the services/products you offer, but you also have to give the person something useful with every contact or they won’t want to read your emails anymore.

So decide what info you can provide that would best help your prospective client and be sure to include it in your email. I suggest making a list of topics you can write about (same goes for a blog by the way), and then build out your emails from there.

Be sure that your emails provide actual value and remember, your email list is the fastest way to grow your business.

Four ways you can leverage email automation

1. Welcome Email

Make a strong first impression. The first email automation every business should implement is a welcome response for a new subscriber. You want ‘invite’ your subscriber onto your email list with a friendly welcome email.

After that, you will want to follow up with 3-5 (or more) automated emails that share more about who you are and what you do. This is also where you can share more about your services/products, personal experiences and even offer another free opt in.

5 main purposes of a welcome sequence:

Set the expectations of emails moving forward
Think of it like dating – are we on the same page? Are they going to email me all the time and be really clingy and annoying? Are they going to have interesting things to say? What’s going to happen now I’ve agreed to go on this first date with them by giving them my email address? It’s about setting expectations of how often you’ll email them and what sort of things you’ll send them. Some people will unsubscribe immediately after getting the freebie, that’s totally fine.

Introduce yourself
Positioning yourself as the expert. Give them information to make them feel like they’re in the right place, that you ‘get’ them, and that you’re going to be able to help them with their problems.

Provide value
Position yourself as someone who can help them, who has relevant and useful information for those lives. Share blog posts, freebies, invite them to a webinar, etc

Allows you to start segmenting your list
Self-segmentation – either in the form at sign up or in a mini survey there they click to tell you something about them.

Guide them to the next steps in working with you
For example: booking a consultation, attending a live event, buying a lower priced product, etc.

2. Audience Segmentation

This is a great way to divide up your potential client base into smaller groups based on what they like about your products and services. It’s great because you are able to create emails that will send to a specific group in your audience. Every email platform segments differently. I prefer Mailerlite over other platforms I have used. There are various ways to divide your audience, but starting with a few different opt-ins is a good place to start.

3. Lead Nurturing

You can set up automated sequences based on your subscribers’ actions and lead them to purchase by building a relationship with them. You definitely want to have regular communication with your subscribers. Setting up triggers in your email sequences helps with nurturing and leads subscribers to purchase. These can be set up when someone, for example, clicks on a link, downloads a specific ebook or participates in a webinar.

4. Retention

Keep people engaged. Everyone loves acquiring new subscribers, but your business can’t survive on new sales alone — you need to retain the clients you already have to stay profitable. Providing value, sending “thank you” emails to previous/current clients and being real is a sure fire way to retention.

If you are not using email automation for your business, you are missing a significant opportunity to engage your potential clients, deliver a better experience and build your business.

If you need to get that email marketing started, I highly recommend Mailerlite. It’s free to start, easy and a great platform to get your feet wet and build your email list.


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